Bad Boy Mowers - Absolutely STUNNED at the quality of these machines!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dwost, Mar 6, 2007.

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    I just posted this in response to another thread and though it would be good to post up my findings here as well. WOW!!! that was my first reaction when I first saw these units. After about 3 or 4 years of tracking these mowers I finally got to check them out in person at the Michigan Green Industry Expo today. Hands down this has got to be the beefiest machine I've set eyes on. EVERYTHING on these units are built to last. I think what impressed me the most is the fact that almost all the components on these mowers are standard in the industry and easily sourced. What I mean is there is not much that is "bad boy exclusive" when it comes to upkeep, belts, filters, hydro's, drive motors, etc..... its all readily available from most parts sources thus the maintenance should be a snap. The frame alone that these are built around are thicker than most mfg's decks. I believe its a combination of 7 and 11 gage steel. The deck ALONE weighs in at 250lbs and is solid 1/4" thick. The forks, 1/2" thick. To say this is overbuilt or over engineered is a total understatement. And the fact that they are $3k+ cheaper than other units in the same category is just sick. I looked over every inch of the Lightning, Pup, and AOS models for more than an hour and just kept shaking my head in disbelief.

    Another item that really caught my eye is the minimal amount of weld points on the entire unit. It's almost like a "unibody" design so to speak. If you look at many of the other mfg's units, there are covers, plates, additional steel, etc....that is welded to different points of the frame for either looks or rigidity. You won't find that on these units. It's a straightforward design with minimal points of failure. Also the patented swing out service design provides access to every point on the mower that would need to be greased, adjusted, replaced, etc...

    Horsepower.........enough said. All their units (even the entry level ZT) are overpowered with huge motors(23 - 35hp)

    Bang for the buck..........untouchable
    For instance in comparing their top unit, one could get their 72" deck w/ 35hp cat 4cyl diesel, full suspension, 26" tires, 16cc pumps, 18cu drive motors, dual hydro coolers, and 2.5 gallon hydraulic reservoir, electronic deck lift with manual option, 1/4" deck etc.... for around $13k.

    In comparison (you could stick several other units in this as well, I personally really like the Hustlers so will use that) a Hustler Super Z diesel. 72" deck with 34 hp cat diesel, no suspension, 26" tires, larger 21cc pumps, dual hydro coolers, larger 3 gallon hydraulic reservoir, manual deck lift, thinner deck/frame etc.... for around $16.5K

    At least a $3500 difference. You could buy this and a walk for the same price.

    Now the downside, dealer network. Unfortunately they are still growing and don't have their network completely built out. I will say in talking to two different reps for Michigan and Ohio, their plans are quite extensive to build this out over the next year. They are adding dealers left and right so hopefully this will eliminate one HUGE issue for many. The Ohio rep also mentioned they were in talks with Lesco (future is unknown due to the Deere acquisition) but at least they are really tying to build out the network. Now for me being a homeowner, it's a moot point but I due completely understand the need if I was cutting commercially. All in all, definitely give these a look if you are in the market for a new mower. Also, they don't have all their accessories listed on their site. If you get the brochure you will notice they also have mulch kits, upgradeable suspension forks for the units that don't have them, manual deck lifts, and several other items.

    That's it in a nutshell. I was hoping to snap some pics but unfortunately I left my phone in the car so my apologies on that. I was really leaning toward the Lesco Z-two or EverRide Warrior, as they both seem to fit the "bang for the buck" category but after kicking the tires on the BB, I've officially changed my mind. Hope this helps!!


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    I saw the BB mowers for the first time at a recent lawn and garden show. I'll agree that it looks like an impressive mower. They had that big 34 hp Cat diesel on a 72" mower - that thing redefined "beast". It looked really heavy though. The frame on these things looked like it was military industrial- I could not believe how thick the steel was on the frame and deck. As for the complete lineup, I would agree that the price points comparing to other brand mowers was very good. A guy could certainly buy as much power as he wanted, there was no shortage in engine options. It also seemed like BB had a decent suspension system, from looks anyways. The front wheels were built like a tank. I don't think a guy would ever have to worry about bending them.

    Marketing wise, the mower is not that appealing to me. It seemed to me kindof DixieChopperish on steroids. The website was all about NASCAR and some guy riding a chopper around, then yelling at me in the factory tour like that investment guy "Cramer" does. Maybe I am a little conservative, I didn't like the bright orange and graphics. Also, the whole rear spoiler option thing to me was too much. Then again, I just bought a Grasshopper, probably one of the more dreary looking paint schemes out there. Also, I wasn't sure if I liked the bagging system as well as some of the other mowers out there. I think though that valuewise, BB may up the ante on some of the other manufacturers though. It looked to me like the BB booth had plenty of lookers flowing through.
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    This thread reminds me of about a year ago, I posted a thread on the "poll" forum titled "That's one ugly mower". Dixie Choppers and Grasshoppers were the tops but I think Bad Boys would now give them a run for their money. :laugh:
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    Cityboy, I totally agree on their marketing but from what I gather the two owners have been into racing for some time so I'm sure thats where the theme started. Personally (no flames please) I can't stand Nascar as I'm an F1 guy but can look past that as I'm more interested in the mower not how they are marketing it. I agree the spoiler is over the top but I'm sure for some it may be "cool" and sell a unit or two.

    Lawnspecialties, Yeah it really is a "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" situation. I agree it may not be the prettiest but I will say the addition of the poly fuel tanks helps out a ton. It looks more mainstream. I also think the other reason why it doesn't have as much eye appeal is due to my earlier statement about them not using excessive metal on areas that were more for looks as opposed to function. They lost some of the sex appeal in trade for rigidity. I will say thought it looks MUCH better in person than in the photo's.
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    huh sounds interesting...
  6. Envy Lawn Service

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    Now you see what I was saying then I guess?.... LOL.

    I myself wonder how they cut and handle slopes....
    I'll demo and find out for myself eventually I guess.
  7. Envy Lawn Service

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    I must assume you haven't seen any in a while?

    Bad Boy has proven to be a pretty good listener.



    They look just fine to me now.

    (the old ones were UGLY)
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    Those dont look to bad. From what I can tell from the pictures I dont think they look nearly as beefy or well built as the Gravely line of mowers. But then again I havent seen any of the bad boys in person so I may just be speaking out of my arse.
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    And how about the machines?

    MGIA37O7 002.jpg

    MGIA37O7 008.jpg

    MGIA37O7 010.jpg

    MGIA37O7 002.jpg

    MGIA37O7 008.jpg

    MGIA37O7 010.jpg
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    Those look impressive.

    Are those elastomer-dampened casters? Or an air spring of some sort?

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