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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GUMSTUMP, May 23, 2007.


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    I am looking at getting a bad boy mower.I like the pup series with the 60" deck.Never had one of these ztr mowers and would like to know if anyone out there has one or can relay feedback on how well they do.They are really rugged and heavy duty mowers from looking at them at the dealer.I know everyone has a favorite,but thought i would give it a shot and see if anyone can give or add to information about the bad boy mowers.thanks and keep it lean and green.:usflag:
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    I have been looking at zero turns for at least a year now, and have tried out a few, but only in the dealers lots. I have never owned one, but some of my friends have Grasshoppers, John Deeres, Ferris, Cub Cadet, Toro. They have let me try them at their house. The best from a rookie like me was the Grasshopper front deck, but the price is stout. It was smooth and pulled good on hills. The Ferris did ride very good and everything fit up perfect, but the finished grass didn't look as good as others. The JD was smooth and I was impressed with the handling and cut. I went and tried the Bad Boy today, The mower is built stout and looks easy to work on. The price was good too. The drive was another story. I couldn't adjust the seat because another piece of the mower was sticking up from the bottom and was in the way. I tried the 26 hp briggs with the 50 " deck. The $4995.00 with the dealer added front shocks. The pumps and drive motors sounded awful. They sounded just like an old gear tractor when you let the gears hold it back going downhill. Once I started moving it was even louder, the vibration was terrible. I switched the deck on and it has great speed, but it shook the mower and vibrated somethig fierce. The dealer, who had about 40 of these on display said try one of the large commerical ones. He said the difference would be like night and day, so he got me on a large one, about $8500.00. We cranked it up and it was the very same, so much vibration and whinning of the pumps and drives. He acted as if this was normal, but it apeared to me that it was in a strain trying to pump the hydraulic fluid. Once moving it was much louder, like the brakes were on and I was still trying to move it. It goes very fast, but the vibration and jerky moving didn't seem right to me. I was so dissapointed with the Bad Boy mowers. I thought I had found what I had been looking for. Is this how they are, or is something wrong with his? Of all the ones I have tried, this would be my least preferred at this point. I can only imagine what it would feel like to endure this for 3 or 4 hours a day. The smoothest running and moving was by far the JD. All I could hear was the engine, no whinning, just smoothe movement. Do the Bad Boy mowers have some type of manufacturing flaw that nobody is talking about, or did I just randomly pick 2 lemons in a row. Thanks for listening to my rambling. I am so dissappointed.
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    I don't know where you demo'ed one but mine is great. Duel hydro's and duel wheel motors. No whining and the thing is a hoss. It rides great on the air seat and cuts very well. It is built like a tank and costs much less than the comp. Warranty is just a good as most others but you will most likely not need it anyway's. I got the 26 hp lc kawi engine with 52 in deck and air seat last Sept and mine was 7k out the door from They delivered and I started riding and cutting. I would pick this one over any of the other ones that I tried out for sure. I had the chance to go with others but for what I paid I got a lot more. RG

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