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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by groundcontrol_71646, Oct 3, 2012.

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    I was going to buy one in 2006 but all the dealers I talked to at that time stated customer service was the pits at that time and alot of dealers dropped them because of it but the BB dealer in town who sells them now say's they are really good and you cannot beat them for the price but the dealer also added for more money you could get the new Hustler and that it was several notches above the BB.

    They sold Scag, Exmark,BB, and Hustler and recommended moving from a BB to Hustler and skipping the other 2 if you wanted the best quality z made that they sold.
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    You have to take into account a lot of salesman get commission on sales so it would be no surprise they would try to talk you into a more expensive mower.
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    Ive been interested in BadBoy for a few years now and ive decided im getting an outlaw.

    I searched and read every thread and review on the brand i could find. I did find some not so good reviews but certainly no worse reviews than exmark, hustler, toro, ferris, scag and so on.

    The people that bash them dont seem to be able to provide any compelling evidence as to why they are so terrible and that is why i take those reviews, posts or threads for a grain of salt.

    What i see happen more often than not is when someone has a problem with exmark (for example) everyone jumps in to help the owner fix the problem. But when someone posts a problem with badboy you only get people saying how horrible they are and you got what you paid for. Easy to see from that alone that the negative talk is unfounded about BadBoy.

    Ive looked at the specs on all the machines that are popular, i dont see anywhere that badboy cut corners in anything they built, if anything they are very over built, they are literally tanks. Even their home owner models are crazy over built
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    Three years of research led me to the same eqp you're looking at. Back in ' 09 I bought a BB Lightning (60" deck 26 hp LC Kawi) and have been very happy with it. I've yet to see a better dollar/ value ratio in any mower made....and I've looked at a TON of mowers.
    Good luck, Stan
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    Look, I like BB design (Outlaw XP ONLY) and i think they are really close to becoming competitive in the ztr market. I like their swing away design, i like that they are thinking suspension even though Ferris owns this, i like the components they use, their deck is unproven at this time but i believe in due time it will become proven if BB listens and does some real R&D. Having said all that, with the amount of mowers they have sold and the amount of unhappy consumers from LS that can not be ignored. Seriously

    To the guy who says all components are the same. The is some truth to this but not completely. Engines and hydros, yea prob.... Thats not the entire product though, find another ZTR with spindles like my Ferris, the answer is Husqvarna is the next closest (not BB, Scag, Toro,etc...) but they are no Hercules to be clear The list goes on and on, deck, ride comfort, stout design, parts availability, dealer support, demo availability, and what i think to be equally as important to cut quality is their line up of products in the turf care market.

    No doubt BB may compete, just not now and thats ok. Evolution will take place if they are smart.

    Btw, to the same guy who said i think my mower is better because i paid more, actually i paid 9519 for my Ferris IS3100Z. Which if spec'd apples to apples is less than your beloved BB OXP. In fact its tough to even find a BB model that specs close to my Ferris. Once you throw in the ROPS, weight is the same for OXP but the pumps and motors are smaller, don't see a hydro cooler, stand stripe kit nope.....and BB is more $$$$ plus the only BB refused to let me demo.

    To each his own, but until BB can do this

    I'll run Ferris
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    XP with 36hp Vanguard 61" is $8399, add the ROPS for $299, and you are at $8698 retail.
    Ok, I admit, the Ferris rides a little better than the xp but not by much. Add the Grammer MSG/65 to the Bad Boy when ordering which in turn rides better than the ferris (only if ferris doesnt have same seat which is a $650 upgrade to $10182) and that puts you at $8998 total.
    Ok pump size, the Ferris has BDP-10A-432
    HYDRO-GEAR MODEL#: PG-3GAQ-NZ1X-XXXX Which unless I am mistaken is a 12cc pump same as the xp, but just in case its the 16, lets put the 21cc pumps on the xp for you as an upgrade, and add $800 to your mower price which is at $9798 now, yeah $200 more, but look at the package, more hp, better pumps, deck, etc.
    The deck is 5 guage metal which is nearly 37% stouter than any deck in the market, pair it with the 4 rail 11guage 2x2 frame, the swing out design and the bb which is the easiest mower to work on in the market, add the new spindle design, the cut (which is already getting known as having one of the best striping capabilities without using a roller) the new 12 design which improved the capability to handle tall grass more, and the dual reservoirs on the hydros, which prolly arent as good as the new oil cooler on the Ferris, but gotta be dang close and nicer if oil gets contaminated....
    Gives you a 21cc pump, 36hp Monster with a $1100 retail seat on it for $9789, paired with the 2 year commercial parts and labor warranty should give the 3100 a runnin for the money...
    I had Ferris come by a couple of times with the program, and even last years pricing puts the 3100 at $12000 retail, i know most mower companies retail dont mean anything like cars, but I know some people that paid $11000 for the 31 anyways, If I was the bb dealer you came and asked for a demo with you would've had the demo (in fact I honestly have 6 demoes out right now as I am typing this through Thursday as I am going to the BB meeting till then...) along with "what could I do to earn your biz speech" and "what do you hate about the mower" so we can customize, and you would've walked away in our hat and tshirt and our customer for life even if you hated the BB (which I have never had anybody actually hate any mower, its always small things people would like better...), we are a pretty diversified dealer offering Hustler and Grasshopper too which both have the ability to ride close to the same or better than the Ferris too with some add-ons if thats the cup of tea the customer is looking for...
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    Retro I really wish you were my dealer. No dealer I know of would change out pumps for a customer. Look I like BB only if bought from you. Realistically from all the disasters I've read about sounds like BB the MFG can't be trusted.

    If I still lived in OK I would make the drive to buy from you. Last I checked ROPS were selling for 600 locally (canton Ohio).

    I bought my Ferris last year before the price increase but I think apples to apples there is no savings like you and BB claim. I haven't priced out new ones lately but if any Italy be a couple hundy. Anyhow, there is no comparing a suspension seat with a suspension frame. I'm going to try to set up a demo to check this deck out. Like I said, I like BB, just not the dealers or the support from BB.
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    I wish I was all you guy's No on the xp the flex rear pivoting axle system is where the bad boy shines, paired with the rubber compression shocks all the way around, then the premium tires with flexible soft sidewalls, the oil empregnated drive system (very smooth), alot say it actually rides better (I personally thought the ferris had the edge on the ride stock, although both still aren't perfect on a rough yard, but definately better than whats offered). The 335 Hopper with front fork suspension, suspension seat, and rubber iso mounts on the seat platform and foot floorboard, the 460 gravely, heck the next couple of years I think we will see computer monitered deck leveling system paired with air ride suspension :rolleyes:, but even better the gps powered Bad Boy mower they presented at the dealer meeting a couple of years back would have to my pick. You mow the yard with it once yourself while its recording, then next time you go on your cell phone to that yard and push go it will do everything you did (even where you raise deck up and down to go over stuff) while you trimmed... I wonder if they are finished testing and tuning.... To start they were gonna lease the mower only and it was set up on a monitering system, if something interfered with the machine it would text you on your phone. It was a very smart system identifying when someone got close or even if something hit the blade and shut down accordingly.
    I have heard many things said about me since I have become a dealer 5 years ago, and the one thats said the most I hear is that "that guy down there would bend over backwards for anyone I believe", and I hope it spreads and everyone starts treating people this way we would have a lot stronger community, government, etc.... Less greed and self worth and more caring for what you do no matter what it is...
    $299 is the bad boy retail price posted everywhere, I see alot of dealers market up parts, accessaries, and mowers from Bad Boy cause they think they are too cheap, I see it alot on Grasshopper parts too now that I am a dealer. I thought Grasshopper parts were higher than everyone cause some of our closest dealers were adding another 35% to parts pricing, but I know it deterred alot of people (including me when I was mowing) of buying the mower.... Its sad when I am getting tips at the counter from these hopper guys cause they cant believe the pricing...
    Why wouldn't any dealer upgrade some pumps for a guy to earn a customer for life and sell a freaking $10000 mower!
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    They told me for 9000 I could have a 72 BB Big Block or for 11.000 I could have the finest Z made the super 72.

    Every single dealer has told me it is the finest Z you can buy right now.They all say the whole mower is made a little better and the drive is totally superior on the Hustler but most of the dealers also add you have to decide if it is worth the extra money.

    I wonder how the Red Dog mowers compare to the BB?, the Red Dog's are 2 thousand cheaper than a Super but do not have the same quality.
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    If you get the Super get the 66" It performs so much better than the 72, I can't explain why, decks look similiar underneath, but have a buddy that has both here and they favor the 66. They mow lots of huge properties too. But just to show you no mower is perfect (in fact I have 5 things on everymower I have ever been on I can find I don't like, zipper being only 3 real things, prolly one of the best I have used), he has a kubota he bought this year, 2 gravelys, he bought a 61 xp the first of this year, and came in a couple of weeks ago and got the 72" 36hp XP with the grammer seat. He is always busy when I want to talk mowers, always want to know the reason why he jumps around on mowers, its not that one is better than the other he says, its that they all have something of an edge different to offer kinda...kinda makes sense. The Super Z I love, the Bad Boy I love along with Hopper, I like the Gravelys, the Bobcats, I like some things on the bota and deere, exmark, toro, scag, they are all great, but all different, and all so scaringly similiar at the same time. The 3 that stand out the most are the 3 I carry now, Bad Boy is the tank, Hustler is the balance, and Grasshopper is my premy. But all 3 offer identacle options too, the hustler x1I is a good price like bad boy outlaw, the Bad Boy XP and 35hp Cat 4 cylinder is pretty premy now, and the 226 hopper is a bangin price point at 7gs to eat Bad Boys lunch, best front mount hands down is the hopper and the rear discharge puts them above all else in cut and not getting covered in dust, but they all 3 complement each other and that is the reason they are all here, I think I have the market covered in what I offer, in my eyes there is nothing else out there that even comes close for my time's worth pushing for the difference... If I was a dealer without Bad Boy and couldn't get them I would prolly carry the Gravely because I like alot of things they are doing, in fact I send alot of people to look at them, just think BB stands out over them to far in options build and price to ever think about carrying...

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