Bad Boy MZ, Hustler Sport, Timecutter Z4235

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by luckyrxc, May 22, 2010.

  1. luckyrxc

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    Hi Friends,

    I appreciate all the great information I've gained from this site. First post but I've been lurking and reading a lot here lately. I am looking to buy a ZTR for my yard and will be replacing a 12 year old disposable Poulan Pro with a 17hp B and S and a 42" deck. I'm on just over 1/2 acre and periodically mow neighbors yards as well as mine.

    I've been looking at the Hustler Sport, 42" deck, 17.5 B and S, with the mulch kit. Also the Toro Timecutter Z4235 with the Kawi twin, 42" deck, with mulch kit. My reading here has suggested that I look at the Bad Boy products and i found the MZ 42" on their website for the same money as the Hustler Sport. Though it has a larger B and S engine.

    My Poulan Pro engine has been fine, but everything else is beginning to fall off of it. This leads me to think I should consider the BB or the Hustler over the Timecutter for the fabricated decks. Other components look more durable than the Toro as well. But the Toro is about $400-500 less money than the BB and Hustler.

    Several posters on this site have shown concern for the B and S engines. Should I be fearful of them?
    One suggestion from this site is to buy the Hustler Sport and upgrade to the Honda Vtwin for $400 more but that will push me out of my hoped-for price range at close to $4,000 after sales tax and mulch kit.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome!j
    Many thanks,

    MS_SURVEYOR LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Lucky I'm a Bad Boy fan. I don't know anything about the MZ series. I looked at the Sport pretty hard last year. I really wanted the Fast Track. I'm not a really large man, but the Sport seemed small to me. Never seen one mowing. That's not bad thou. I looked at the Toro for my mother in law. I look at them every time I past through Home Depot. Been seeing several mowing as of late. Seems like they do a good job. The people mowing have smiles. They get very good reviews. Yea they have a stamped deck. But they do have a very good engine. As far as Briggs goes. They seem to be good for about 500 hours. The week point seems to be the air filter system. I don't know? I do believe the Kawi twin and Honda Vtwin are better engines. So you have 1/2 acre of grass to mow. On any mower listed you're looking at about a 1/2 hour of mowing. Oh it could take you some what longer. Say it takes you an hour. That's 500 + mows. That's a lot of mows. I'm not sure how easy a Hustler or Toro would be to service. But I can tell you right now Bad Boys are easy to service. And over built for many years of service. The best thing to do is go look at all the mowers. Sit in the seat. Look at the engine. Look at the tires and wheels for size. Look at the transmissions and controls. Look at the mowing deck, the pulleys, the belts, the blades, the thickness of the deck. Look hard. Go back again and look again. Then ask for a ride. Just take your time, because these things cost lots of money. After you go look, and ride, and you have more questions, come on back. If you buy one! Take some pictures and show us. I love new mower pictures.

  3. luckyrxc

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    Thanks for your help Surveyor. I enjoyed your write up on your Bad Boy purchase process. It was both enjoyable and helpful.
    I did drive the Toro around the parking lot. I did not drive it on grass or mow with it. It drove smoothly and was a pleasure to drive. Looking at the Hustler compared to the Toro, the Hustler looks to be built a lot more stoutly.
    I did note that the seating position on the Hustler seems to be lower, so my legs would be stretched out straighter; potentially less comfortable than the Toro, but also could provide a lower center of gravity for the side hill that I have to mow.
    I found that I I do have BB dealer nearby so I will go visit them in the next couple of days.
    I concur that 500 mows is a lot and the B and S should last quite awhile. If I had a larger yard the twin engine would be an easier decision.
    In the base configuration the BB comes with the 21 hp and the Hustler has the 17.5. I'm sure the Sport is well powered but the extra bit on the BB might help the longevity.

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  4. Sport42

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    More horsepower is always a safe and better way to go. But I can tell you that the B&S 17.5 on the Sport has plenty of power. I mulch, have a slight slope, and weigh 225 lbs. and have never had an issue.

    WREBELMACHINE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    If you are looking at the hustler you might go and look at the big dog which is the red hustler.
  6. luckyrxc

    luckyrxc LawnSite Member
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    Hi Gang,

    Good suggestions, thank you.

    I found the Big Dog equivalent to the Sport but the dealer did not know very much about it nor were they very excited about trying to sell it to me.

    I test drove the Sport around the parking lot and really liked it. I think it drove better and seemed more solid than the Time Cutters. I certainly liked it better than the Time Cutter. I can get a 42", 17.5 hp Sport for under 3K out the door with mulch kit and mulch blades.

    I also can get a Exmark Quest, 48", 22 hp for $3800, plus mulch kit and mulch blades. This seems a great deal but is beyond the money I want to spend and I really don't need the 48" deck. Also, the machine is significantly heavier than the Sport which I am guessing is not going to help me on my one hill.

    I think the Bad Boy option is out as the local dealer does not have an MZ in stock. They would charge me full retail for it plus full price for shipping. They are the only dealer nearby, whereas there are a half dozen Hustler dealers within 100 miles.
  7. RonAyersMotorsports

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    Misinformed statement.

    This is only a true statement when looking at the Sport models. In larger machines they are many and very significant differences. Other wise they wouldn't have produced them as a different name and Color.:hammerhead: However the Biggest Big Dawg is only 46" in an equivalent mower to the Sport. Hustler offers the Sport in five models. A 42 and 48" available with a Briggs or Honda V-Twin as well as a 54" with a 26Hp Extended Life Series V-Twin Briggs. The Briggs engines have proven to be strong, reliable engines and our best sellers in the Sport series. Alot more mower for the money vs any other residential Zero Turn. Not to mention better warranty. The BB only has a 1 year parts and labor warranty. The Hustler has a 2 year parts and labor and even a 3 year parts warranty. EVEN A 90 day commercial warranty. We've sold well over 40 Sport models. Get a Sport and you'll never look back.
  8. Sport42

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    Well, we are talking about the Sport, and the Big Dogs are basically identical to the Sports.

    It's not like Hustler is the first to produce the same product with a different name and color.
  9. bigjoedo

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    I have the Hustler Sport also with the 17.5HP B&S plenty of power an quick for a residential ZTR. The Frame and deck are commercial duty the engine and Hydrostats are consumer duty. You can upgrade the Sport to a Honda engine, but they still have the EZT hydrostats.
  10. nmurph

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    EZT hydros are fine for HO use. i have an '05 MFT and the only problem i have had are worn spindles.

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