Bad Boy "Outlw"? 2010 model review

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Hotrock911, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. wheebil

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    Bought a Bad Boy Lightning Z in mid 2010 because my SCAG Tiger Cub was pretty much done for at 2000+ hours. WHAT A MISTAKE. hundred hours throwing and wearing out deck belt, 200 hours tension spring breaks, 200 hours I hit a water box. Impact cause the cooling fan to to come in contact with the fan cover. fan blows apart and sends pieces of shrapnel through the radiiator. 200 hours uncontrollable caster wheel wobble due to caster wheels being mounted directly below the fork and not set back. POOR design.300 hours deck actuator not allowing deck to lower straight or level. (cutting height of 1"-4" nowhere near high enough for spring cutting) 400 hours hydro pump blows. BAd Boy brags about their 16cc hydro pumps. Well, you're going to need them. The hydro drive system is SO sloppy you're either spinning tire and tearing up a lawn or moving fast. there is no in between. It's like driving a '72 cadillac with that big sloppy, ower steering. 426 hours Bad Boy is sold on Craigslist for $4400. I immediately purchase a Exmark Lazer Z. 400 + hours this year. NO PROBLEMS. NOTHING. MY Exmark dealer was approached by a rep from Bad Boy to sell their mowers. He told the guy about my nightmare. Undaunted, the rep gave them a demo. It never ran right and couldn't be used for it's intended purpose. You may save a few thousand on a Bad Boy over a Exmark or Scag but trust me, the headache of the Bad Boy compared to the piece of mind of Exmark/Scag is well worth the extra money.
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    Please let me know if BB needs some one to do some field testing I have some big ruff 20 acres lotts and some with 30* slopes.
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    OP, any updates on your BB?

    I hope everything worked out...
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  4. jrs.landscaping

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    Same here, if they want some field testing done I have some properties like that as well.
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    HAHAHA......SURE you do! I know you COULDN'T be hoping for more bad press for could you?......oh man........
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    Wow man you need help...I aways wish the best for fellow LCO's. I could care less about BB press, more concerned with down time that costs us a fortune. There are lessons on LS, some seem to get deleted, some dont....
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    It's hard to keep poorly made equipment running that long. We will be reading about the problems the 2012 models have next year. Along with all the excuses about y it keeps falling apart. And how good the 2013 will be.
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    i'll just say i've had my 2011 deere for the same amount of time as you had your BB outlaw. i have had zero problems. nothing has broken. i haven't had to replace anything other than normal maintenance like oil changes, greasing, filters, and blades.

    still on original belts and deck hasn't moved any at all. it's still set exactly right where it was when i bought it. what is on the dial is the exact height the blades cut at.
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    You're comparing apples (JD) to oranges (BB) which isn't fair. :laugh:
  10. orangemower

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    Maybe if you owned a "Worldlawn" mower then you'd be comparing apples to apples. :laugh:

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