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    I'm about to be a new owner of a barely used (53 hrs) Bad Boy Pup 60" and have been doing a lot of reading here - great resource! I'm curious to know this mod has performed over the last year - and also if you might have additional pics or dimensional info to allow it to be replicated if it works well. Am I seeing this correctly that there are actually two pieces here - one being the "wedge" and the 2nd being the baffle that runs from the wedge/output towards the spindle?

    Anyone know the PN for the Exmark part that may work? Can't quite figure it out from their part diagrams...
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    The "turbo baffle" has not been used very much. The rear baffle or wedge shaped baffle has been a great addition. I just followed the same radius as the blade and leaving the same space between the blade tip and deck as the rest. The turbo baffle seems to cause build up on the back side of it and I'd much rather have a clean deck when I'm done and just blow the mower off with air.
    The much better modification I later made was with the front baffles. I don't know if yours has the same as the Lightening did but mine was originally made to be a great mulcher and the front baffles (curved slightly around each blade) I had to remove and make my own which now, I never have to clean the underside of my deck. It has been a dry year around here for me also but clearly made a world of difference.
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    Thanks GunsGranger!
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    I don't have any personal experience with Scag but I remember seeing a pic somewhere of a Scag deck that showed the rear of the discharge opening (where the grass is building up on the BB deck) being tapered away at an angle toward the rear of the deck instead of coming straight down.

    As I said, I don't have any experience with Scag so I don't know if a lot of their decks are designed that way or not, but it seems like the cut away area would have to help this problem on the BB deck buildup a lot...maybe even correct the problem altogether.

    I'm considering grinding the rear of my discharge opening (on my Lightning w/60" deck) similar to the Scag discharge opening, just to see what the difference would be in the build up.

    I'm thinking the entire area where the build up is occurring wouldn't all have to be all removed. I think that removing maybe 1/2 (or maybe a little more) of the area where the build up was occurring would take care of the problem.

    As for a mulching plate, I just installed a foot operated "Grass Flap" on my mower and all I'd have to do would be to weld an extension on the rear of the plate at an angle to cover the area of the deck that was cut away.

    I really don't have much of a problem because of the type grass I cut, and because of the small sticks and pine cones that keep the buildup knocked off. I do however like to tweak little things to try to get the absolute best performance possible.

    Hope everyone has a good wkend! Stan
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    I own a Bad Boy Outlaw Stander with 54" deck. When I first got the mower, and that paint was slick and nice, the grass just flowed out. But now the paint is off it, grass sticks like glue. But I scrap it daily... well... more like every other day, and all is good. But it really cakes on the middle spindle. Its like the trim edge blade just throws the grass right at it and the middle spindle says, "I got it! and I'm letting it go!"
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    I hate to hijack you thread but if anyone is interested I have a mulch kit and 4 sets of blades for the 60" bad boys for sale.
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    For CraigPLC,
    If you have any baffling on the front side of your blades that create a tight enclosure around the blades, you're best bet is to cut that section out and weld a new staight piece in there. I understand that this task may be more than most want to do but I enjoyed it. After making the mods you see below, I never have to clean my deck. It flows as good as it possibly can. I made these changes after reviewing the best cutting 60" decks out there. (Scag Velocity+, JD 7-Iron and others like Gravely X-Factor, Huslter Super-Z, Husqvarna, Dixie, etc.) I gathered images of the underside of them all.





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    GunsGranger - Very nice & very helpful

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