Bad boy rouge or ferris 3200


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Has any one done a direct comparison one these two mowers? How was the ride between the two of them? Is the ferris that much better? On paper it looks like the ferris would be much better with the 4 shocks compared to the rubber donuts on the bad boy. How about maintenance? With the extra moving parts from the suspension is there a lot more cost in upkeep? thank you

Crazy 4 grass

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Ferris suspension is second to none. Their new fore front suspension is even better then the old design. There are the only company that uses four-wheel independent coil over shock, similar to what the automotive.

IcD deck is top-notch one of the best in its class

jeffie b

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I don’t know anything about the 3200 bot I’ve always ran Deere most lately 930ms and I bought an is700 just to try and my Deere’s are going to be replaced one at a time by Ferris. The ride is very comfortable and great cut.


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I have an is3200... In Texas when the clay dries up, the terrain can get really rough. As in 'bounce you out of the seat' rough. The ride on the 3200 makes it a plush ride. The cut is amazing on the ICD deck, however, I will say it can struggle with very stringy southern grasses because the deck is so tightly baffled. I would not hesitate to purchase one again.