Bad Boy ZT 50 - Briggs or Kohler

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by pathfinder1810, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. IS500Z

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    I do not think he is making any statement about the 130 hours except that is his break even point between the cost of the machine and paying for the lawn to be mowed commercially. At least, that is the way I read his statement.
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    Thanks IS500Z, at least someone gets my logic.

    I can't wait until 130 hrs. though. I wont feel as guilty if I trade up (although the ZT would be a great backup mower).

    I think I'm ready for some diesel lovin'........maybe 72" worth.
  3. retrodog

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    Hey, I admit, I wasn't too pleased with some issues we had out of the 26els, but this year I am a huge Briggs fan. The Zt has a 27hp professional Briggs 50" at $4499 this year (I would recommend paying $150 extra for the seat upgrade, the new pup seat is sweet), and I have sold a bunch with no issues. The Zt has a beast of a deck with all steel pulleys, the spindles are very heavy duty. Briggs has revamped everything this year, and made the CZt 50" 23hp vanguard and the 30hp Briggs commercial outlaw with cyclonic air filter for $6499 my best sellers. Just for fyi Briggs has an Intek, then els, then the professional in order of grade of motor and expected lifespans.
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  4. byrdjay

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    Too funny.....Not sure if this is for the 26els but still worth passing on.

    My sweet mother (she used my ZT a few times) sent this to me yesterday out of the blue.

    $4500 for a 27HP 50" is pretty solid. I'm glad BB upgraded to the professional. I think I would prefer B&S Professional over Kohler "Pro." The previous owner of our house left us a generic push mower with a 3.5HP Briggs (all gummed up). A little carb cleaner and some elbow grease and she runs like a champ.
  5. byrdjay

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    wish someone had a critical review other than me. Still stubborn (big front casters) but still running well.

    No Maint. this year.

    finally had to add air to one front tire.

    Actually mowed better this year (maybe Mobil Syn?)

    Good consumer 27HP - 60" Mower for $3750 (w/40hrs)

    anyone else?
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    The only engine I ever had a problem with was a Kohler on a John Deere lawn tractor...started burning oil at around 400 hours. Probably normal with the small amount of preventive maintenance I did but it was enough to steer me away from Kohlers from then on. I guess I'm saying I wouldn't pay extra for the Kohler over the Briggs.
  7. byrdjay

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    Now at 130 Hours. Need to change the Hydro Filters but all the oil is still Honey colored after 50 hours in the engine and Hydros.

    All seems to be OK with her and I have officially broken even. I've been dreaming about ZD331 with a 72 incher though.......:dancing:
  8. retrodog

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    Yeah, until you actually use the 35hp Cat 72" BB side by side with it....huge difference!
  9. byrdjay

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    Haha - I thought it would have been weeks before someone replied to make sure I check out BB's lineup!

    Will do Retrodog - I'm happy with my purchase. Even though I had to make a sacrifice and couldn't afford a beefier low hour machine, I think it was the right call. However, I do have to say I find striking similarities in the little residential BB I have and my Jeep Cherokee 4.0 SE. One of them is the frame and solid feel. When either is on three wheels there is little to no flex in and it doesn't feel like the body is straining under the pressure.

    .....haha - and neither have any give in their suspension.
  10. spencert

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    Go with the Kawasaki all day (27hp) It will *trucewhiteflag*outlast those two by 5 years

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