Bad boy zt 60"


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Frankston Tx
Well lets start by saying i have had this mower that i purchased from TSC in June of 2010. From day one it has cut at an angle on hill sides and not made any better of a cut than my cheap throw away murray. I tried to get this issue solved since then to no avail. I was sent to a dealer and the leveled the deck. When picking it up i was told by the service manager that the deck was pretty much level when i brought it in and that shouldnt be the problem. This dealer had about 25 kubota mowers and only 3 Bad Boys. (now i know why!) They showed no real interest in find the problem and sent me on my merry way. I have tried everything that i can think of to remedy this problem but i have not been able to do so. So last week i purchased a set of new blades from TSC for a 100 bucks!!! and put them on for my next mowing. Well to my amazement when i looked back i had two 1" mowhawks where the blades were suppose to overlap. Ok so now things are starting to compile and honestly when it dont mow anymore its not really mower... right? So i call badboy about there blades...i was givin the run around... well sir you didnt purchase those from us so we can warranty them..ALTHOUGH THEY ARE YOUR BLADE!!! IT HAS YOUR NAME STAMPED ON IT!!!! Then i was handed of to someone else then someone else until finally i was given over to this real cheerful fellow named James Russell... not really cheerful.. He acted like i was bothering him from the get go and spoke to me in a half yelling tone the whole time..well needless to say that agitated me and i began to tell him about all the problems i had experienced from the get go.. So when i told him if you can mow with it then its not really a mower, well he became inflamed.. I asked him what they could do to help and he said well i may be able to get you a new set of blades but as far as the other with you deck, well when we have a truck head that way to deliver some you can just make yourself available and we will pick it up and bring it back here and see if we can find whats wrong with it.. i asked well how long will that take? His response.. i dont know.. i asked well you gonna leave me a loaner to mow my 3 acres with until i get it back.. his response.. NO! so i began to tell him that i have owned my own business for 20 years and i dont care what you call it but this !@#$ aint customer service.. click.. he hung up.. So to make a long story even longer i will be getting rid of this thing and heading over to a Hustler where i at least believe my money will be appreciated!!! GOOD BYE BAD BOY!!! I hope no one else has to experience what i did...