Bad Boy ZT, are they any good?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by madisonpressurewashing, Mar 26, 2009.

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    I've got a 50" zt, and two 60" pups. That 60 you are looking at has a 27 horse, the same as my 60 pup. The only difference, may be in ground speed. The pups have a 10 mph ground speed, while the zt has a 7 mph ground speed. If you are cuttting large properties, the extra speed will allow you to get more done.

    For the properties that I service, they can't be beat. The money I saved on the two 60's paid for the 50 zt.
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    the zt is pretty sweet you will always have someone complain about why not a hustler, or scag, or toro, or .... they are all good mowers just find one you like in your budget and you will be fine. Most people forget about the whole budget thing until they have to mow just to make payments. For me I kept a tight budget and purchased what would work and now I mow for money.
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    I have never used one, but if you are going to spend that much on a mower, I wouldn't buy a Kohler COURAGE. It is the cheaper engine. I would at least go with a Command. Just my .02
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    You could also get a good used commercial mower for that price. I have seen a few toro's in our area with 300-400 hours for $4500.
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    search the posts this mower is competent, only problem with it seems to be the fact that it only runs 7mph and isn't built like a mower that cost more. The deck is solid, engine is solid (keep in mind the price point), and the price is right. I own one and use it commercially on a very large account ten acres with 39 apartmentss with no problems, and several small accounts. It works for me, if I had a 6/7/8/9/10/11/12k scag/toro/hustler/badboy/johndeere/snapper/kubota would they be a better mower maybe but you would have more money tied up. My theory on business is don't invest more than you have to, and you won't work to make payments, you will work for you!

    As per buying a used commercial mower the warranty is gone so if you buy it you keep it. After all there is a reason the owner is getting rid of it.
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    yep several good mowers weren't mentioned I got tired of typing. I also forgot to mention the beloved wright stander that wasted 5 minutes of my life with an article in how to reduce fatigue while mowing. I will summarize the article now 1. buy a wright stander 2. buy a wright stander, 3. buy a wright stander, ..., 10 buy a wright stander. The article sucked!
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    Why not go to the local Bad Boy Dealer? The mower Will be the same price as TSC but with dealer backing. Most dealers set up the machine,break in the PTO clutch, test run the unit and fuel and del. The big plus is the dealer/partner standing behind you to help your business grow.
    Just the thoughts of a old man selling mowers.

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