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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RudyW, Nov 18, 2004.

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    I,m new to this forum.....and this is my first post. A dealer here in southern Mississippi has Bad Boy mowers and they look like they are built pretty good and are cheaper than some of the other better known makes.Can anybody give me some info on this brand? The specs look good,but how about the support from this company,service,reliability etc.? I searched the archives and cannot find anything on this mower.I would appreciate any advice you can give. Thanks, RudyW
  2. Travis Followell

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    The customer service from the company is excellent from what i've seen. If anyone has a problem they jump right on it to get it fixed. Bad Boy is a sponser of this site so you can click the link at the top of the page and visit their website. They have their own forums so you can read over some of the questions that people have asked and some of the minor technical issues that a few customers have had. I havn't seen in the technical support forum nothing major to go wrong with a Bad Boy. They build a lot of models of machines so your likely to find what you need and they are quite a bit cheaper like you said.

    I had the pleasure of driving one around the dealers lot here in KY. I didn't get to mow with it because there was nothing to mow but the machine was built very well and was a very smooth machine to run. They are worth looking at. They are built as good or better than most other name brands. One example of that is the 1/4" thick solid steel deck. No other mower has a deck that thick! and from what i've heard it has a great cut quality as well.
  3. Mike-In-Mac

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    In preparing to buy a ZTR earlier this year I spent a lot of time reviewing the market. I'm not a LCO, but I've been around equipment a great deal. I even spent about seven years contracting mower service and repair for Sears in my area--although they were obviously all homeowner units. Hadn't had much experience with ZTR's, but my overall background made me very confident in evaluating mowers. Since my ZTR was for personal use, my primary focus was the quality of the equipment for the price. It may very well be that someone with a heavy LCO business needs certain capabilities in a commercial mower that a private user doesn't--even if that person has a lot to mow--but I wanted a well-designed and built unit that would be easy to maintain and cut for a lot of years. In looking carefully at the market, I saw several brands/models of commercial ZTRs that I thought would qualify, and some that I thought would not. I had been impressed with the design, component selection and features on the Bad Boy line (which were pretty well unmatched at their price points on the '04 mowers), but there were other units that I liked as well--I was really looking for the right combination of price and machine.

    When I had the chance to grab a new '03 Bad Boy Standard selling as a hold-over back in May for considerably less than $6K (plus some shipping) I jumped on it. The cost/value ratio for the 27 L/C Kaw, 16 cc pumps, and 18 inch wheel motors, plus the heavy build and unique design was just too much to pass at that price. After examining the unit closely and running it all summer, I remain remain greatly impressed with the mower. When you've been around equipment a lot, you develop a pretty quick opinion of a manufacturer from their machinery--the Bad Boy mowers speak pretty loudly for that company. This unit is very well laid out and very well built; there is a lot of attention to detail and I haven't seen another ZTR with the service access that Bad Boy provides. My cutting requirements are pretty straightforward, but I get a great cut.

    As Travis mentioned in the earlier post, my experience is that Bad Boy provides responsive and excellent service. I deal with the factory (no dealer close as far as I know) but I prefer that anyway since I do my own service. Phone and e-mail response has been immediate, and they have quickly taken care of any issue that I've raised. Couldn't ask for much more.

    Overall, mine has been a great experience. I got a lot of machine for my money, cut is great, it's going to be durable and easy to maintain, and I've got super support. I'm happy.

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