BAD Check from customer last week???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Okielawman28, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Okielawman28

    Okielawman28 LawnSite Member
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    I got a bad check from one of my regulars that I picked up a little earlier in the year.

    He wrote me a check last week and it came back through my bank as a closed account.

    I want to approach this with tact, but I am kinda peeved. I always do a little extra for them and they always pay me a little extra. But I am kinda irritated about the check coming from a closed account.

    I mean come on, if your account is closed you have to know, duh dont write checks on it. I think I am just going to tell them to pay me in cash from now on or get some one else to do their lawn. Any advise?? I also think they should pay me what my bank charged me also?

  2. Hell on Blades

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    Depends on the situation. He may have closed the account immediately after writing the check due to a theft or lost book. See what he says before dropping him -- the good ones are too hard to come by.
  3. W.L.M.

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    I would ask them nicely what happened. Might be a reason, banks screw up all the time so it may not be your customers fault.
  4. kb9nvh

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    Yep, I would let it ride and not let it get to you. I have renters and its about 50/50 on bad checks being bad or just cutting it close mistakes. Lots of folks live on the edge of their checking accounts and so I think bad checks are just a fact of life on the rare occasion. Now if it becomes a habit then demand payment with Money orders.
  5. david shumaker

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    I've only gotten 1 bad check. The customer had some kind of mixup with his account. He paid me right away after I contacted him. Anyone can make a mistake, so I would just contact him and let him know. If it was an honest mistake, you will probably get paid right away or work something out.
  6. kaferhaus

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    If their checkbook was stolen, the appropriate thing to do is too call everyone who you've written checks too that haven't yet cleared and let them know.

    We have a "one strike" policy on bad checks UNLESS the customer called and let us know something happened before we get the check back. I'm not running a collection agency or even a billing dept (we have only a very few residentials on billing)

    Even though we rarely get a bad check, it really pisses me off when we do and the customer hasn't taken the time to call us. The other thing is the customer almost always knows the check was returned unpaid before you do as they get a automated letter from their bank the day it bounces but you don't know about it until the check is physically returned to you by your bank. So even if they "wrote" it by mistake they knew several days before you that it bounced....
  7. Toy2

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    Someone told me in 2010 banks will do away with checks all together, everything will be debit.......heck I had my carpets cleaned yesterday, the girl called someone on her cell to confirm I gave her a "good" $240.00 some service must red flag checks as you get them......
  8. kaferhaus

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    There are several services that will guarantee any check you take (that they approve over the phone) but they charge you for it and you have to go through a bunch of crap when you take the check (drivers license number, alt phone numbers, place of employment...) way too much of a hassle.
  9. Okielawman28

    Okielawman28 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for all the imput I will keep it all in mind as I try and deal with the situation.

    It is weird they are a gay couple, so it is an adventure dealing with the couple any ways, lol. They are good folks seems like and I dont judge, money is money.

    It is just funny who I get to deal with when I go over there, I either get the feminine one or the manly one, it is a trip but like I said they are nice folks, and accounts are hard to get.

    Anyways, I will simply go by there tomorrow on my way to class and see what the deal was. Could have been anything.

    PS. I am still irritated about the whole mess
  10. kb9nvh

    kb9nvh LawnSite Senior Member
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    OK, as long as they don't try to trade you a back rub for a mow I think you'll be OK :)


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