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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DFW Area Landscaper, Mar 5, 2008.

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    I've often thought about the clients who cause problems. Always complaining and bitching about little ticky tack stuff, you bend over backwards to please them, deal with more phone calls from them and then, when they fire you (and they ALWAYS do) it kinda hurts your feelings. It's like, they want you to know they weren't happy when they cancel.

    Then they hire another LCO and conduct the exact same torture on the next poor schmuck.

    But at the same time, you know your service is ok because the vast majority of your clients don't act this way. They stay with you month after month without complaint.

    There are chronic complainers out there and wouldn't it be nice to know in advance that you were dealing with a known, chronic complainer?

    So, I've thought about creating a website for my local area. Proven landscapers in the area would be allowed to list clients who were unpleasable. That way, when you get that first complaint from a client and it sounds a little ticky-tack, you could log into the website with a username and password and see if other landscapers had the same problems with the same client. Then you could raise the price drastically and they either become worth the extra effort and customer service or they cancel.

    My concern is, would something like this violate any slander or defamation laws if a client ever found out this existed?
  2. kleankutslawn

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    im not sure if that is legal
  3. hackitdown

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    I would be the first customer.
  4. Tom Tom

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    But what is the criteria for a PITA customer?

    Yours is probably different than mine.

    Just do what most guys do and weed them out quickly.
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    I think you could probably get away with it. It would be a great idea. It is just like in college how they have all of these sights like where the students will log in and rate the professor at the end of a course. There are all kinds of comments left like yeah this teacher tells alot of stories, and has easy tests. The one difference is that everyone can get on it and the teacher if they care, has the ability to protest the post if they think it is unfair, and the website has to sort out the facts.
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    i had one last year,
    it was the begining of the season.i was in a subdivion with 3 houses,on my way out the corner house owner stopped me.i gave her a price and did her house and would do her all summer.and she would pay me at the end of the month.well she called and said know on the door when i was done.i think it was her mother just goes off,about the weedeating grass on sidewalk.while this just followed me around saying this is not good enough.94 degrees and 10 later i had it.i threw my weedeater 35 feet to the rack bent the hell it.told her where to shove it.and i would see them in court.well i got my camcorder and taped the job.and got the other 3 house signed statements.and whent to court and win.i saw the new guy and showed him and did it it him.well i dont know what happened,but they had NO YARD TO MOW.HE SPRAYED THE HECK OUT OF IT.
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    Biggest hint for me so far on whether a customer is like is when you show up and they say, "We had a guy last year and he just stopped coming, we tried to get him this year and he won't return calls." More often than not this customer has turned into a slow to pay pain. Obviously this is not always the case when I hear this, but I've noticed a trend.

    Sorry that was a bit off topic from the website.

    This would have to be a public site and I could see customers using it to weed out LCO's that have lots of issues with clients. Also the problem client would have to have access also to dispute your complaint, and they may say some negative things about you that could damage your reputation.

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