bad competitors copying you

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Jan 20, 2008.

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    I would have pulled him out of the truck, and pulled it from his hands. That is your property not his. That chit pisses me off. It didnt happen to me but reading it makes my blood boil.
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    I wanted to rip his arms off but you know the way it goes quiet subdivision lots of neighbors out wouldn't been in my best intrest at the time. Plus like I said worked out to be the best thing. Not only are those customers even more happy with me I think I got all their accounts in the sub because didn't see any TGCL flags at the end of year. Maybe next time I see him though he will have to watch his back.
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    That's TOO FUNNY:laugh: Here's a pic of our lawn flags that were removed from our customers' lawns by a local competitor. We were the only company around who used two-sided flags. Turned out that the guys who stole our flags from our customers properties began using two-sided flags with the 'same colors and print size' as ours the very next spring. I really don't understand it cuz all they had to do was ask. Over the past couple of years, I have NEVER refused to help out others on this site. Never......spray rigs, pumps, spray boots, chemicals, ..........anything! I even had to post pics of our real estate, trucks, equipment, warehouses, office, etc just to PROVE who we were. (lawnservice -- you know what I'm talking about...I have even helped out the outfit here which you know here in the Des Moines area).

    I am NEVER afraid of "competitors", cuz if you're good enough, you won't have to worry. I really want to say much more, but I won't. The proof is in the pudding!!!!:weightlifter::usflag::walking:

  4. bill8379

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    oh those are lawn signs, I thought you guys actually used little flags.;)
  5. Whitey4

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    Newbie, eh?
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    Not necessarily. Not all states require them. I've never seen one before except for those used in agriculture.
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    I never understood, if the sign is gonna say, "Do not remove for 24 hours," Why don't you put a date, and time, on it?
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    I took my employee with me yesterday to a local auction. We ran into a competitor, and as always, shook hands and said hi to him. I listened while he bad mouthed a few commercial plowing accounts that I signed this year, come to find out he had them last year (I didn't know this, I only knew they weren't happy with their previous contractor)

    Later my employee told me the other LCO had pulled him aside and offered him a job. :nono:

    This is the same guy that went around this fall and offered a few of my commercial accounts 'whatever it takes to get the account', even offering to drop $1000 off his proposal to steal one from me. (Luckily, my customers see through this sh**, and re-signed with me). Then, when I see him, he preaches how he doesn't step on anyones' toes, and we all need to work together....:dizzy:
    I still maintain that what goes around, comes around. Keep doing a good job, and there will be no worries.
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    He knows why I said that.
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