Bad coworkers


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Mid south
New guy is with me in the truck for 5 minutes before falling asleep. Today on his 2nd day he sleeps between every stop. Clearly this isn't going to work.

2nd new guy: been accused of skipping backyards 4 times in his first 3 months. Also he has left 2 gates open and dogs got out. Still somehow employed.

I've recently updated my resume. After 5 years I feel like I'm on a sinking ship.


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Coopersburg, PA
Sleeping guy wouldn't bother me as long as it wasn't while he was supposed to be doing something else, and he woke up on his oen as soon as we pulled up to the next stop. I've been there on hot days, or when I wasn't used to working so hard in the recent past. And I don't do any type of illegal substances, so I couldn't blame that. But if it's interfering with work, yeah that sucks.


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if its sleeping for something like new baby, or family emergency, or something usually they'd say something like that and apologize about needing some sleep. But even on the first day I could probably power thru for a week even if it were the case.

True, the work between the naps is most important, it still shows lack of respect for the co-worker or job to be doing that day 1. and maybe it's not important to know much about the person you're working with if all you care about is nice looking lawns, but it sure helps things run more smoothly.

Leaving gates open and dogs getting out is a big no-no. Wait until one goes missing or gets hit by a car. Owners aren't going to let that slide.


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West, GA
I've always taken new guys to school when between stops. Watch out for the electrical ground rod, trim the corners out a couple of feet in the back, I cannot fit the mower. The sidewalk is up heaved next to the electrical and cable box out by the street, so it needs trimmed, AT MOWER HEIGHT! Also, get the cones out 1st thing as we stop before grabbing a trimmer, your peepertunity is not at this one, but we'll stop at the convenience store before the next stop or go behind the shed in the woods at the next stop. I cannot imagine that there was not a ton of info to impart between stops the 1st week. Slap him awake!