Bad cut on 21" Husqvarna

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Gbug, Jun 11, 2006.

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    Hey ya'll I'm new here, 1st post....anyway, I have a small lawn business and for a while now I have not been satisfied with the cut that my mower is giving me. It's a 21" Husqvarna 5521CHVB. It has a Honda engine, the GCX-160 I think, correct me if Im wrong. I tried sharpening the OEM blade but that didnt help, then I bought a unversal blade from the hardware store but still no improvement(almost worse in fact). Ive got a Gator blade on order so that may help but lately Im thinking its the RPMs. Is it possible to adjust the RPMs even on the smaller walk behinds? If so, should it be set to 3350? Also should I attempt the adjustment myself or take in it to get serviced...Im somewhat mechanically inclined. Sorry for the long post, and thanks for any help that yall can give me.

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    Is it cutting lower on the right or left side or what ? Sometimes it is easy to overlook the obvious. Check the wheel adjustments for correct cut level.If you have the manual it will tell you how much pitch you should have from front to rear. If you have it dead level it is not gonna cut smoothly and will not discharge clippings well. Otherwise does engine sound as though it is not turning the rpm's it normally runs ?
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    yeah wheel levels are good. It did sound like it wasnt spinning as fast as it used to. I just picked it up from the shop today and they bumped the RPMs back up to 3500 which i think is a little high, but i should be set now. Also got a new Gator hi lift which i cant wait to try out.
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    Actually the rpms could be set to 3600 or as high as 3750 with no ill effects.

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