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bad day


LawnSite Member
new york
first off i went out to the shed to fix the redmax. the shutoff wire disconnected, so i loosened the screw for the gas tank so i could get my hand in there, and the gas tank stared leaking all over the place. apparently it was cracked so i was real mad, i was already late leaving. so i think for a min, and remember that i have another blower. i take the other blower out of the back and get it to start. i go to work and about an hour later i rig the throttle cable out cuz i got stuck on a tree. it was just a crappy day, and now i am behind especially because sunday is easter, which means no work.


LawnSite Platinum Member
Garland, Texas
Yah man, I feel you on that one. Last weekend was like the first "real season day" of the year. One mower just died on me for some reason, I think it's something to do with the cables, I didnt care to look at it, so I just pulled another off the trailer. Then my helper thinks he broke one, but just put it into N instead of 3rd gear. Kinda a scare, didn't wanna be stuck with one mower the whole day. I lose the gas cap to my blower so I have to take one off a backup trimmer, and then I lose the gas in that trimmer, and then I end up finding the lost cap. Oh well, but later that day I got a good job that really paid off though.


LawnSite Senior Member
Tallahassee, FL
I've had days when I sware that I should've died. So clutsy or so many things went so wrong I wondered why I pulled out of my drive way with my rig.

On day like that I just vow to not crank the chain saw up.