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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jerrys Lawn Service, Dec 10, 2002.

  1. Jerrys Lawn Service

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    Well we finally put everything away for the season this week. Alot of people are dropping off and mailing their final payments to us,but with these payments are substantial tips. Look we've gotten tips in the past but nothing like this year, I'm talking about $50- $100 tips from quite a number of people. I guess I should be thankful that we are appreciated. The economy must not be too bad! How about the rest of you?

  2. greenman

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    I got a 35% raise form one of my customers a couple of weeks back. She insisted, I couldn't refuse:)

    I think the economy is really fixing to get going real strong next year.
  3. cajuncutter

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    Last year we delivered Christmas trees and recieved hardly any tips. I figured it was due to the tragedy in N.Y. I figured everyone was scared to spend money for fear of a crashing stock market. Well this year we made about 60 bucks out of 350 trees. This was roughly what we made last year. I do not know if it is economy or what but I can tell you this. The people in the not so expensive neighborhoods were the tippers and the big 300grand plus homes gave nothing!!! Same as last year. The rich don't get rich giving it away or perhapse the fools are living beyond their means. Who knows!!
  4. No tips, but I have seen an increase on customers spending budgets, if any of mine actually have them.
  5. Tony Harrell

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    A lot of "well off" people SKIRT the law and drop well below normal ethics. This does not apply to all of course, just most. I sleep well at night knowing my karma is good. If I didn't watch the news or read newspapers, I wouldn't think the economy is so bad. Granted, there are big layoffs and the United Airlines bankruptcy. But, those don't affect me where I live.
  6. SLS

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    I with Tony.

    If it were not for the media (and a couple of stocks I hold) I would think the economy is fine. My net jumped by 48% this year over last year...while maintaining practically the same number of clients. Most of this increase was attributed to add-on services and better expense/overhead management, though I must credit selectivity of clients accepted and weeding out of less-profitable clients too. And yes, Christmas bonuses/gifts from clients are way up too.
  7. bubble boy

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    no tips, no real increase in spending per.

    unless you are approaching Allin status, really ours is business that relies on local market conditions. what is happening nationally is not necessarily affecting your market. especially upper middle class and higher, they tend to be somewhat insulated from cycles. you're area could be doing well.
  8. Randy Scott

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    I disagree. A corporation like United filing bankruptcy is going to have those affects trickle down the entire system. Someone somewhere will absorb those costs. Finance companies losing out will pass the expense to us, unpaid fuel bills by the airline will be passed to us, and any other expenses that United will be able to clear themselves of when they file for reorganization. If you don't think you're affected, I think you are mislead. The good, honest hard working people of the U.S. pretty much absorb all the costs of failures in society. Middle class, hard working people with ethics are the backbone of society! People who file bankruptcy have no use to me and will get no respect. When there are fricken' T.V. commercials talking about how easy it is to file bankruptcy if you have high credit card debt, something has gone seriously wrong with society. It's too easy for this scum to get out of their responsibilities. Run up your bills and then bail out. Scumbag lawyers and attorneys play off these people and they add to the problem this country is facing. I have 26 year old in-laws that just filed bankruptcy because they had too many bills and couldn't pay them. Uh, hello, that's why we work, to pay our bills. Also, who accumulated those bills? Morons. I guarantee you, 10 years from now they'll do it again. They are uneducated idiots and society just keeps making them dumber by bailing them out. Here's an idea, get a fricken' second job and pay your bills.
    Is it obvious I don't have much to say to these people at our family functions? :rolleyes:
    It's really an unfortunate fact about how the good , honest people have to pay the costs and suffer the consequences for the ignorant. Makes you wonder who the smart ones really are! :confused:
  9. Brickman

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    When I was doing lawn care I didn't get many tips. But the ones I did were always from the same people. One customer gave me $100 at Christmas for 3 years in a row.

    As for tipping in general I think that the nice people will tip, and the mean people will .............. well you fill in the blank. I know this gal that works very hard at a local restaurant. Some days she gets good tippers, and other days not. She told me once that at a table of 5 she got a B U C K. She has been my server on more than one occasion, and she is the best I have ever had.
    For starters I always had a full glass of what ever I was drinking. :cool: That is important.

    Some people are nice and others ARE NOT.
  10. mklawnman

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    I would have to say no extra tips or anything just the same checks from my customers. Some are on a budget but most of them pay me out in full all the time and on time. I would say this industry will always be needed in a recession or in a surplus. Industrial people need us to take care of their grounds and with companies down sizing and people have to work longer to make more money that means less time for them to come home and work on their yard or to spruce it up, thats why they call us. True this whole bankruptcy thing will affect us somehow down the line its just a matter of time, but the thing is alot of people every day file for it. The people who are smart who need the extra money to pay their expenses will get other jobs to pay, but the others who just sit on their butts will be the ones who will be filing for bankruptcy.

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