Bad Friday???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mikegyver, May 4, 2012.

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    Did a yard on Saturday for the first time. Lawn was overgrown from all the rain and it hadn't been cut in 2 weeks. Apparently there WAS a 4" sewer cleanout cap in the yard that was sticking up too high (but not high enough to see). My freshly sharpened mower blades shattered it and it pit some good nickel in the blade. Best part is that there was no home improvement store for 15 miles!
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    I wore my nice shoes today because I had to give an estimate, not thinking as I was getting in the truck that after the estimate was done I would just go to the next stop and start working, the implications of my dilemma dawned on me right around estimate time and unfortunately I simply could not justify running home just to change shoes so my nice shoes are now a bit dirty!
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    I was cleaning out the back of the truck one day after trimming shrubs and a few days later I sent someone down to burn the brush pile where I dumped all my clippings. He burns it all and when it all dies down comes into the shop saying I needed to come look at something. Well I guess when cleaning out the truck I must have forgot I had a set of hedge clippers in there and they were in the burn pile. It toasted those things melted all the plastic off. The funny thing was the gas tanks was still perfect and the pull rope was still intact. I put some fuel in it and it fired right up and ran. Could not believe it ran but was so badly melted that I had to replace everything before I could use it. I have had so many bad days over the years in this business I could go on for days and days with stories!

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