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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by powerreel, Sep 27, 2000.

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    I really am starting to wonder about our gas supply.I have an EB480 from 1996,anyway it's got the funky spark arrestor- complete with silly blowholes in the muffler. I love my machine but those "emmisions" parts mean ripping the blower apart and cleaning them every so often- no big deal. Ever since the gas crunch started i have had to rip the thing down 2x- this month alone! Seems like the oil doesn't want to mix clean and burn, I'm no dummy i know how to mix 2 cycle oil. I use pennsoil marine in everything for years now everything is clogging! Is anyone else getting this? Is it a government plot to rid the US of all 2cycle equipt?
  2. You are using the wrong oil of air cooled engines.

    Try Amsoil 100 to 1 full syn. and your two cycle stuff will be trouble free and not as stinky.

    Petro based oil is not good stuff.
  3. Richard Martin

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    Ive always used ECHO 5 gallon mix or stihl 5 gallon mix , and after 5 years of using it ive had very few problems with my 2 cycle equipment
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    Always use the manufacturer recommended 2 cycle mix. These days new engines and emissions systems are coming out from all of the manufacturers of 2 cycle products. Some engines will work fine, others will fail. If you happen to be a commercial user and one fails you need to have all of your bases covered especially if it fails out of warranty. That way the manufacturer and the dealer have someplace to go and not blame you for using th ewrong type of oil mix! Just a suggestion!
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    Update on the bad gas I was using. Its so hard to believe I spent most of the summer using bad gas at a local popular gas station. I don't know at what point my mower started running rough(cutting of then on and low on horse power). Now that i have switch stations. It has made a world of difference in my lazer and other equipment. No cutoffs. More power. I hope it didnt damage anything. I am thinking about calling the manager at that station and letting him or her know that there is a problem. I mean this is a chain store that does alot of business. There is either water in their tanks. Or they are using a lower octane and cheating people. Its like night and day in the way the equipment runs. I even went to a new ammco station and have had the same great result. My mower and blower are fairly new.
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    Well, I just called the manager of the station. Told her the problem i was having. She just said "thank you". Not even wanting to know my name. Or they would look into it and get back to me. What a flunky. I guess i will have to go higher than her to get results. She may know that its just cheap watered down gas. Because she didnt seem suprised.
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    Ever fill up a 5 gal can and the pump reads 6 gals?
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    I has some bad gas once. It was after eating hard boiled eggs.
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    The best way to stay away from bad gas is to stay with name brand large fuel stations. Shell , Exxon etc. These companies keep the best fuel for their ind. dealers. Now the cheapper stations, (really low great prices) buy what is called blended fuels. This is the first 1000 gallons of fuel that come out of the pipe. This fuel is cheaper because it picks up mixes of whatever went through the pipe before it. so it gets a little mix of say diesel, MTBE non MTBE, alcohol and water?

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