Bad Gravely Mowers

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by flscci, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. flscci

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    1. Engine blew up 12 months after purchase.
    2. Gravely used internal fuel tank hoses that are inferior and deteriorate in the gasoline. This is unthinkable that an educated engineer would specify this material. Four years and a major problem. DO NOT BUY A GRAVELY RIDING MOWER!
  2. Restrorob

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    Is there even such a thing ?

    Don't even want to get started..... *bites tongue*
  3. Mowingman

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    1. Not a Gravely problem,, It is the engine manufacturers problem
    2. There was a service notice sent to dealers about this fuel pickup tube problem. It will be fixed by your dealer at no cost to you. It is so easy to fix, that they can probably do it while you wait. So, why the anger? Having a bad day? Looking for someone to blame?
    Now, tell us the truth. What exactly is the problem with Gravely and their machines?

  4. flscci

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    It would have been nice to be notified about it before a failure. The mower was in use and in an area you can not just push it back to the shop. All work has to be performed in a field. It would have been nice to know about the bad valve situation as well before failure.
    I once trusted gravely and B & S but no longer. Hiding problems is not the way to do business. Sill very poor engineering.... back training.

    I still will never recommend a gravely!
  5. sehitchman

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    Everything deteriorates with the methanol in the gas. Replacing fuel lines is part of regular maintenance these days. If that is all that is wrong, I'd consider celebrating. The engine should be covered by the engine manufacturer also. Is this a home owner unit or commercial mower. If a home owner used for commercial, perhaps the warranty is way less than one year.
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  6. Patriot Services

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    You gotta love posts like this. Rant and rave and flail your arms about a manufacturer. Never mind they have thousands of units and satisfied customers out there. Everything wears out and needs maintenance. Case in point the previous poster owns 3 BOP units, but there are people on here who bash them all the time. Nothing will ever be problem free.:usflag:
  7. greenscape2010

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    I do find it amusing, sad thing is i been using a gravely residential ztr for mowing around 16 yards a week for 6 years now. With a kohler courage engine. Now all i read on that motor is bad. But in 6 years, 0 problems. Have to wonder sometimes if alot of problems are operator errors due to lack of knowledge and proper care. If u do $300 in damage doing a $50 lawn, thats not profit
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  8. Restrorob

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    Since you brought this thread back to life, I'll add a little more.....

    THAT ^^^^^^ is the #1 problem, very few read their owner's manual and perform proper maintenance. Most seem to think these small air cooled engines are like water cooled car engines, they seldom have to check/add oil between oil changes.

    90% of all equipment I see brought in for repair has a low oil level, and few come in with no oil showing on the stick at all.

    Geeze, how long does it take to pull a stick and check before cranking a engine..... :rolleyes:

    People like this is what keeps me in business ! payup
  9. PicturePerfectLawns

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    You have to love it. There are many issues with this post. First, Gravely didn't build the briggs engine so that has nothing to do with Gravely's engineering. Next, you have to replace fuel lines in everything and every kind of mower, even trimmers now with ethanol in the fuel now days eating everything in its path from plastic to rubber. Most people who operate small engines know that fuel lines should be done even as preventive maintenance. Heck, I know homeowners that know to change their fuel lines with now days fuel regulations. And next, you are on a commercial forum full of commercial guys, you probably use this mower to make money, yet your complaining about having to replace an engine. If you were operating a commercial engine, or in other words, using the right tool, for the right job, you would have a warranty on that engine. It almost sounds like my neighbor. He has every brand of "riding style tractors" you can think of. From John Deere, Snapper, Toro, to Murray and several Craftsman's, Gravelys, and Cub Cadets. He claims, "mowers aren't built like they used to." He has 10+ mowers, hardly any of them run, always has problems, and he doesn't get the drift, a residential riding tractor isn't built for commercial purposes. If your going to be making money with a mower, either pony up and buy a commercial machine, or don't complain about the issues you have with them because it's not the manufactures fault if anything breaks, when using a residential machine to make money. Again, why did I mention this? Because if you were using a commercial machine with a commercial engine, it would be under warranty at the 12 month mark.
  10. PicturePerfectLawns

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    Aside from using a residential mower to make money, it amazes me that people are not willing to spend 30 minutes servicing the lawn mower that cuts their grass year around. Fuel lines for example, my grandmother could change a fuel line on a mower. Not to mention, she knows to change them with the way fuel is mixed now days. Speaking of maintenance, I bought a new Pro Stance a week or two ago. Asked the dealer if he had some spare hydraulic filters in stock. His answer was, "Why?" I told him I read the manual online before buying the machine, it says under break in procedure, to service the hydraulics at 75 hours. He said out of nearly every machine he sells, he rarely see's anyone pick up spare filters or oil for the hydraulics or oil, which tells me many people don't read the manual, much less have a lick of sense when it comes to maintaining a machine. Yet, the same will be the first one to complain and leave negative reviews on a manufacture.

    Back on topic, as far as the Gravely I bought, they over-built this machine. Thank you Gravely.

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