Bad Habbit


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ON Canada
How many of you get in the habbit of not putting your seat belt on because your in and out of the truck so much? I know I never wear one any more.

Eric ELM

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Chicago, IL USA
We wear ours on the way to the area we mow and coming home too. We don't put them on to go down the street a few houses.


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I always wear mine, even if going around the corner, I have such a habit that I have it on before I realize I did it. Plus, being a MEDIC I have seen enough people thrown into windsheilds, what a mess.


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If I see employees without there belts on, they receive a verbal warning. If they are ticketed for not wearing one they are relieved of duty from that point. I cannot afford to pay my crews for neglect and disregard for the company when most tickets take about 20 min. ( yes I could be an authority on the issue ).

As a vol. firefighter I agree with kirby as well. Don't like the carcass catchers ... but they work!!!

my .02


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yeah I admit I have this habit as well I try to hook the belt up while driving away...also for plowing because the belt cuts my neck


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stanfield nc
Ill probabely pay for it but almost never
wear it in town.In this area the police
dont pay much attention to that in work trucks.


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For all you guys who : don't have time to buckleup, it hurts your neck, I,m just going down the street. ETC. ETC ETC.

I propose these rules. :
1. When the ambulance picks you up; they don't have to turn the siren on to rush your carcass to the hospital.
2. Your insurance company doesn't pay any medical, liability or property claims because YOU were operating a motor vehicle in violation of the law and common sense.

But hey you are doing the human race a favor because eventually the gene pool will sort out those of you not intelligent nough to buckle up! Congrats to all you future Darwin Award Nominees. What are you going to do next to impress us. Clear out the discharge chute of your Walmart 21" walk behind??????