bad luck today you guys!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sodgod, Jan 8, 2005.

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    Well today pretty much sucked from 9:00 on. I called a guy early this week about a 6 1/2 x 12 trailer for sale. I got all excited and called him and i said i'll cal ya in thursday to set up a time for this weekend. Well i called him thursday night and he said ya its still here and i said great heres my number and i'll be at your house between 9-9:30 saterday morning. Well this morning i wake up after a late night of skiing last night and i go to the bank to get out money...and i couldn't get the 700 i need to buy the thing. So i had to go to another atm in town to get the rest. so i'm good up to this point and then i call him to say i'm about 20 min away.(its a 45 min. drive) hes not there his wife answers and says o i don't know when he'll be home. I told her who i was and she said o i think he sold it late last night! said thank you in a bitchy tone of vioce and hung up. son of a *****! not only was it a great deal for 675, i could put a couple hundred into racks and paint and boxes and such. I think the part that pissed me off the most is he said he wouold call if he sold know that i'm half way there and i call him first its gone and hes not even home if i were to get 45min away from home. so i bitched the whole way home after stoping for breakfast. out of all this i came to one conclusion, lifes a *****! and don't believe other people you don't know.
  2. matthew horner

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    you should have planned it better, asked him to hold it, given him a deposit, in other words, insured that you would make the purchase.
    Yeah, he was a jerk, but what if you did'nt show up, he would have missed a sale.
    If I am selling something, I require a deposit to hold it, otherwise, first with the cash, gets the goods.
    Try to learn from this.
    If it makes you feel better, its happened to me, and now I don't let it happen anymore.
  3. Likestomow

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    A good definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity. You weren't prepared, but I bet you will be next time.
  4. richard coffman

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    i gotta amit, that was pretty crummy of the other guy. when I'm interestd in buying a piece of equipmet in or out of state, I'll call the guy up and chat about it, ask them to send pictures through e-mail if there isn't any allready seen, and then ask if they got paypal. generally I'll have a deposit wired to them to secure the item and show that I'm wiling t buy the item. secure a time to pick up the item and give them a call before you go pick it up so they know you're coming.
    Sound like the other guy just wanted to get the money from the first person he saw, probably desperate for the money. there is allways a bad apple in every batch, but remember, not everyone is like that.i know your fustration, been there before myself.


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    its first come first serve u got the cash u got the stash
  6. o-so-n-so

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    I would have gone for the trailer instead of late night skiing. You can ski anytime, don't come across a deal like that very often and when you must take advantage of it.
    Don't get mad at the man for selling. Money talks and you shouldn't expect the guy to call you..and everyone else that was interested in the trailer.

    sorry you missed it....keep looking and you'll find another deal.

    How was the skiing?
  7. jsaunders

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    It's not that BAD. You could have been going to the dealer to get a part for your not running 00 f350 (a day before a snow storm) and on the way get into an accident(not your fault) You end up totaling your 02 f450 and plow that you had searched for for months, and the other guy ends up dying instantly at the scene (wed). The story continues for the rest of the week....... but Really doesn't get any better except myself and pass. are ok.

    There are always people who have worse days then you. My wifes friend's father and aunt were dying and here son had terminal cancer. I haven't complained about my week as much. Joel

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