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Bad mouth competition?


LawnSite Member
I was just curious to know if some of you guys bad mouth the competiition in your area. You know when talking to potential clients, etc. I for the most part acknowledge them and stay away from bad mouthing anyone as it makes u look bad but it is competitive around here and others in my area who are in the same field are competitive as they may give u some attitude, etc. Theres another anoother protege in the same field as me that lives one house up from me but he seems pretty cool and non competive, he has about 8 workers or so as i work on my own. Take it easy guys


LawnSite Senior Member
i agree with you bad mouthing gets you nowhere, its really tacky and people know it, i try to spend the energy telling them what i can do for them not what others cant, keep the conversation positive....remember its you attitude, not your aptitude that will determain your altitude<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida


Moderator, Friend, Angel
South East
I let the customer bad mouth them if they want. But I stay away from that type of conversation. THats not to say I defend them. I just don't say anything.
I would keep far far away from bad mouthing anyone. That is something they can bring law sue againist you for. ( cant spell for nothing today) The customer could be faimly friend or even their lawyer. I did this to a company a few years back they got pissed when we moved into the same area as them some of the customers that they had before us told me some of the stuff they where saying so I set them up. Never went to court but it cost them alot to say the least. Watch what you say about anyone or any other business it could cost you all you have.