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bad property management companies

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by travski, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. travski

    travski LawnSite Member
    Messages: 125

    I have done work for Klein Group LLC and Coldwater Portfolio Partners (same company different names) They are a month behind payment and are located in a different state. When I called them to remind them they still owed their account manager said money was tight right now... ?? what the heck! How should I go about collecting money?
  2. ajslands

    ajslands LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,238

    Small claims
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  3. RedSox4Life

    RedSox4Life LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Mass
    Messages: 1,743

    a commercial account behind on their payments?!
  4. clydebusa

    clydebusa Inactive
    Messages: 1,660

    Go figure on behind. I do two properties and 40 to 50 days is really normal for them. Like it hel* no, but they are paying and I do extra's and add some to the fudge factor.

    Done some work for a big railroad, 70 days and counting, probably won't do it again!
  5. Chilehead

    Chilehead LawnSite Bronze Member
    Male, from Stockbridge, GA
    Messages: 1,956

    Yes, small claims. Send 'em a letter via certified mail threatening litigation if payment is not issued within 10 days from the date of the letter. After they pay (hopefully), terminate services with them.
  6. LuvdaPack36

    LuvdaPack36 LawnSite Member
    from Kansas
    Messages: 49

    Most property management companies are 45 to 60 days anyway. Remember that once they get your bill they have bill the property owners or businesses and get their money before they will pay you. Let them know you wont be mowing anymore if you dont have a check in 7 days.
  7. TDS Landscaping

    TDS Landscaping LawnSite Member
    Messages: 66

    Yep, that's the way to do it.. They know (or will find out) that if their grass does not get mowed they will more than likely get fined by the city, depending on the city's policy on grass length. The town where i live and work it's $60 just to put a stake in the ground saying your grass is too long, and then if you don't mow it in 5 days they come mow it and bill the property owner $85 an hour, adds up quick if they don't pay.

  8. travski

    travski LawnSite Member
    Messages: 125

    Thanks for the help guys. I've been patient because I've heard 40-50 days isnt unusual for prop. mngmnt firm, but I believe I will call them tomorrow and be a little more persuasive that paying me within 7 days is in thei best interests. I'll let you all know how it turns out.
  9. balreadysaid

    balreadysaid LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 427

    no! if your looking to keep them 3 months is a easy guess to get paid if you want a BIG customer than expect to wait for your money! i never have been paid timely by any BIG DOGS they know they owe! they wont pay till they know they can pay what realy counts and right about now no one can even get a loan for a truck or house from a bank so they pay who is in line first. im i n upstate ny so it is a bit rougher than most but i herd indiana is about as bad as it gets
  10. clydebusa

    clydebusa Inactive
    Messages: 1,660

    It is true they pay late, I like working for the property management, they do not complain and once you get established with them they pay good for the work you do. BE PATIENT. Just this weekend we had a storm come through, trees limbs came down. Went and cleared up some limbs, 3 hours work equaled $300 dollars. Yes I will have to wait 45 to 60 days. This is part of the game.

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