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Bad Service???


LawnSite Member
I love this site but all I hear about is how doing great service will offer you the best advertising. From day one I think that all of us want to be the best and work the hardest for our customers to show our fabulous work. But I am not sure what constitutes bad service, what kind of "Bad Service" can can come out of mowing a lawn?


LawnSite Member
Pittsburgh Pa.
Bad service?? You will know it when you see it. Just watch the local hacker chew up a perfectly good lawn. And if you have to ask, then you may need to evaluate what your kind of service you are providing.

Everybody here is right whrn they say that when a professional`s work is done, word gets around.


LawnSite Senior Member
Bad service does not always mean leaving the lawn looking less than perfect. Bad service can be not listening to the customers needs or expectations or possibly being rude or unapproachable. Everyone has a different opinion on what good service is. Thats why I believe that no matter how great of a job you do, you will eventually work for someone that you may not be able to please.


LawnSite Fanatic
N.E. Wisconsin
Welcome to Lawnsite Rayray.
I will ask you a question, What is your idea of "Good Service"?
Write it down, you should have quite a list. I'm not trying to be a smart azz or be funny by asking. If you keep in mind the right way to treat people and do business then you will succeed in that respect. You still need to know how to set a price on that good service, that is another important lesson. Good Luck.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I picked up 2 lawns last week from the existing LCO didn't show up on a consistent basis (weekly) and they wouldn't call saying when they would be out. One was across the street from a lawn I was already mowing.

So be reliable.


LawnSite Member
ok Mow ED

Good Service for me means:
*Showing up on time for your appointments,
*Serving the customer in the nicest manner possible,
*Complete Service; for ex. pulling out weeds in their flower beds even though it was never discussed in their contract or agreement,
*Leaving the customer's yard cleaner than the way you found it,
*Not damaging property, ex; leaving burnout spots in their lawn from an unexperienced crew,
*Finishing the job 150%
*No clippings anywhere except the lawn,

and so on,,,