Bad soil under lawn

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Shilohlandscaping, Mar 31, 2009.

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    I picked up a new account last fall and am now running into a problem with one of their lawns. Like many homes here in Nor cal, the lawns are smallish but there are 5 separate lawn areas. I know for a fact that these lawns were originally rolled right out over the lousy clay fill soil put in by the builder.. along with the bottom layer of gravel piles and what ever else was there on sod day.

    Anyway,.. 4 of the lawns are fine and get along with normal watering, but one of them dries out very fast and is already showing dry brown areas a day after watering. Ive checked the sprinks and they are fine, water is even. Ive aerated by hand (this is a pretty small lawn) and it still seems to just dry out very fast.. and its not even hot yet.

    Any ideas? Only thing I come up with short of completely redoing that lawn or even removing the lawn and putting in a planting bed of some sort.. would be maybe watering that one section every night and hoping its enough. Touchy here in norcal.. weve almost got water police driving around looking for H2O offenders ;)
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    After airating top dress with top soil and a little extra sand, so it will start filling the airation holes w/ something to let the water do down, just a thought

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