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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by muddstopper, Oct 10, 2003.

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    I ordered 1000 lbs of Penningtons turf seed on Monday of this week, with plans on using it next week. I was told I would get delivery of it on Thursday (yesterday), I called my dealer yesterday evening and was told that the truck was on the way and should be here within an hour or so. I told him then that if it wasnt going to show that I needed to know now so I could make other arrangements to get seed, his reply was dont worry, he'll be there. The truck didnt show up so I called him and left a message to call me back. When he called he said that the truck wont be able to deliever until Monday. Now I am out of seed and basicly out of business until the truck arrives. I called corparate headquarters and they called my supplier to see if things could be worked out. My supplier calls me and says that he cant do business with me because he cant quarantee delivery times and says that he is going to credit my credit card the charges. He's not even going to deliver the seed that I had already paid for. I have bought over $30,000 worth of seed and fertilizer this year, always paid before delivery, you would think that that would be enough to get delivery, but I guess Pennington dosent care about the little man and only wants the retail business. My supplier even said as much, almost in those words. Anybody else have a problem with their suppliers like this. I cant be running all over picking up supplies as we dont have a Lesco or anything like that around here. This puts me to buying from Home Depot and paying their high prices for seed and Fertilizer and them not having what I want when I need it.
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    with the amount you have spent with them , they should be kissing your , well you know. There are better suppliers out there that will work with you .
  3. muddstopper

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    I didnt say I had spent it with them, they called me wanting my business but they just havent delivered. They know who I spent it with and how much I spent that is why they contacted me. This is not my first order with them and I had similar problems on the first order. How many chances should I give them. They claim free delivery as long As I purchase $250 or more. I have never taken less than $8oo at a time and most orders are closer to $2000. A lot of the times I place 2 or more orders a month. My other supplier comes when I call, sometimes even that very day. I am just looking for someone a little cheaper and with a little more options as far as seed types. I have called my old supplier and he is delivering in the morning. I basicly posted all this to let people know how Pennigton treats their costumers. They when after my business, took my money and then didnt deliever and left me in a bind so that I will lose one day of work which cost me even more money. Even if they deliever on monday as promised, that would still be 3 days work lost after saying the truck would be here in about an hour. I cant do busines with a compny like that. If he had told me when I called to check on the truck that they wouldnt deliever until monday I could have gotton seed from my other supplier and been able to work today but, instead he told me the truck is on its way and dont worry it'll be there. Now I have 2 hydroseeding trucks sitting idle because I dont have seed. This might not be the most ethical place to vent my anger because of the no of people that will probably read this post, but in the same thought, maybe it will keep other people from getting the same treatment. Maybe I should contact Penninton and give them a link to this post. That might put a little heat on their distributors to improve costumer service. At any rate I have given them 2 chances to earn my business, both times they failed miserably. I cant see giving them a third chance.
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    Go back with your old supplier. ITs worth the extra money for the good service. Nothing gets me pissed off more than a supplier not coming through with an order when they say they will.
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    ditch them. if they really wanted to stay in business they'd be able to GUARENTEE delivery times.
  6. tiedeman

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    the supplier is mad because you made him look bad, thats why. But I had one supplier that I went through for about 7 years, and we got into an difference of opinion on operations (he wanted to buy me out, tried it for 4 days, and backed out) and we haven't talked since them. I now have to drive about 18 miles out of my way for my other supplier. There are times that I wish we would have kissed and made up. Maybe you should call him and talk to him about it
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    My regular supplier is very good to me. Even puts the stuff in the barn if I'm not there. Cant beat his service. Prices are competitive too. Biggest problem I have with him is the choice of turf seeds, he is working on that. He's just a small independant business owner, works out of his barn. Sales on honor system, if he isnt there you just list what you got and he bills you for it. Pennington charges you first and then doesnt deliver. Durn shame, they sell good seed, I just wish I could get some with out all the lies.
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    I would much rather deal with the little guy. He remembers your name and appreciates your business. Hopefully he can work out something to get the seeds you will be happy with. Then you should reward his good service by being a faithful customer.

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