Bad Time of Year of Start?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by pranshaw, Aug 6, 2006.

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    Is this too late in the season to get started in the lawncare business? The mowing season here in East Texas is pretty long. I've talked to some guys and they've said that business was actually picking up for them because alot of people that normally cut their yards themselves don't feel like getting out into the heat. I would like to get started in the business, but don't want to buy the equipment and have it just sitting up until the spring. I need to get a new lawn mower and weed eater for my own yard anyway, so I thought why not get commercial equipment and cut some grass on the side? I have a truck and trailer, but lack most of the other equipment. I would really appreciate anybody's thoughts on this matter.

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    Everyone wants to "cut grass on the side". if that's all you want to do, then it doesn't matter when you start. Pick up a lawn, pick up 2 lawns, maybe 4 lawns, that will just be peachy, and those few lawns will put some extra cash in your pocket. But if you want to run a real business, pay taxes to uncle sam, carry insurance, etc etc, etc, then before you jump into this, it's a good to have a business plan. Set some goals, do some research, the green industry can be a good profession if you decide to educate yourself about it, but if you want to just cut grass on the side, jump right in any time you want.
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    Actually, I would just want to start on the side, and then eventually jump in full time. I think it would be definitely too late in the season to do that now. I work a very stressfull job (management) that leaves little time for the family, so I would really like to move into it full time and get out of the rat race doing something for myself. I've always enjoyed this type of work and believe that I'm the type of person that could get good customers and keep them. I think that I could probably pick up enough business to pay for the equipment until the spring, but I am a very catious person by nature. Debt has always bothered me (even small debts). :)
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    make a business plan, and so a demographic study to see if your area can even support more LCO's....

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