Bad Valve/ Soloniod (spelling)?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by lawnstriper23, May 29, 2008.

  1. lawnstriper23

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    Alright, I am Joe Homeowner and I need some assistance with my irragation system. Earlier today I turned my irragation system on to check all the heads for operation. I went into the basement and turned the water on to the irragation system, went to the control box in the garage and set each zone for 4 minutes and when I turned the dial to run the first zone kicked on. After about 10 seconds all the air was out of the line and we were in business (so I thought). After the 4 minutes on zone one the system started to activate zone two, but zone one was still going strong and the heads on zone two would not pop up even though water was coming out of the heads. WTF? So I turned the system off at the control box, but zone one was still going strong. The only way to turn the system off was to turn off the valve in the basement that feeds to the irragation system.
    So if you are still with me and I haven't confused you too much, do you think this is a bad valve/ solonoid (spelling)? I appreciate any input you guys can give me. Is this repair something Joe Homeowner can fix or should I call in the pros?
  2. nylan8888

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    Yes, you are right on both points. It is a bad valve and bad spelling
  3. GreatOutdoorsContracting

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    valve could possibly be rebuilt if the body isn't cracked could also be debris in the valve causing it to stick open. What kinda valve is it?
  4. Az Gardener

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    Its always better to just replace the whole bonnet IMHO this way you replace all the moving parts. You just need to be able to line up the screws and gasket when you put the new one on. You will also need to make a new wire connection. It does not matter which wire you connect to which. If you screw it up you can still call in the pro's
  5. advancedlawnsolutions

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    I have seen this happen many times w/ the DV. When you glued the outgoing side of the valve, you probably used too much glue. There is a small hole that goes from the solenoid to the outgoing side of the valve. That hole was probably clogged with extra glue causing it not to open. To fix the valve you can take the solenoid off and stick a paper clip in the hole to unjam the clogged hole.

    Check out a thread titled Bad DV 100 valve
  6. Keith

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    Find the valve and make sure the manual bleed screw is not a little open. I run across this every now and then, especially on Irritrols.
  7. DanaMac

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    Just so you know - it is sol(e)noid, and irr(i)gation.

    Either clogged ports, debris in valve, damaged diaphragm, stuck plunger in solenoid, solenoid or manual bleed left open.
  8. AI Inc

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    If it is a RB dv valve , try opening the bleeder and the solonoid at the same time. That will flush it. Works 80% of the time. Murphys law makes it not work when changing it will be a PITA.
  9. lawnstriper23

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    Thanks for the input guys and for the spelling lesson :laugh: Guess I never noticed the SPELL CHECK feature when making a post. I will keep you posted on this fix....
  10. Mike Leary

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    You came very close to meeting the spelling nazi.

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