Bad... Very Bad JD 737 Demo Experience

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Canadian GreenScape, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. Canadian GreenScape

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    Well I arranged to pick up a 737 with a 60" deck from my JD dealer the other day, when I get there the deck is sitting beside it and its still locked in the compound. So they find somone to put the deck on.. half an hour passes and still no mower. Turns out they dont have the drive belt for it. So I arrange to get it the next morning (wasted a few hours there) Come back the next day after dreaming about zero turns all night and load it on the trailer. I notice it has a mulch kit on it.. oh well I can try that out too. Get the first job the thing is cutting like crap, windrows, clumps from under the deck. Its shorter to go home so I go home rip the mulch kit off (you know how many bolt are holding that thing on???) Get a look at the blades.. the tips are rolled way way back.. pretty much ruined and it has mulch blades on it which ive never liked on any JD mower. So Sharpen the blades and put them back on (huge spindles by the way) Still cutting like crap but better than before. After double cutting for a little while I do a walk around and one of the tires are flat! Its hard to tell with the wide tires.. it was just a little concave on the top.. So fed up now I drive it back to the dealer and tell them to get me another one thats been checked over :angry: I love JD stuff and prob will buy a z trak but what a waste of time that whole experience was...
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    I really like my 737 with the 60" deck. Cuts fantastic. No problms so far. However, my dealer experience to buy it was horrible. Good luck in whatever you buy!

    Quality Lawn Care
  3. geogunn

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    dude--my interpretation of the name of your thread and most of the post is that you were slamming the unit you demoed for no good reason..

    I don't think you are giving the dealer or the mower a fair shake.

  4. chefdrp

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    i Like my 737. had a flat the first day i used it too. Mine was on the front wheel.
  5. notforprofit

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    Sounds to me like the dealer is questionable. If they didn't take the time to set the machine up correctly for a demo ( when you would think they are trying to impress you ), what will it be like if you need service ? Just something to think about. Any other Deere dealers in your area ? Might be worth to find one.


    I didn't take his post to be negative about the unit itself. In fact he's looking to try another one (properly set up of course ). He may have been less than thrilled with the dealer and I can see why.
  6. webdrifter

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    Canadian GreenScape,

    This sounds like a small time dealer, or one that just doesn't care. I don't believe this dealer will sell many mowers. I had a John Deere dealer bring a 757 30 miles to my house for a demo. It had less than 1 hour on it, and now it has over 3, but he said mow all I want with it, so I did. Good mower with a great dealer here in middle Tennessee.
  7. Steve1

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    Canadian - definitely a dealer problem in my view! First big clue was the fact the mower wasn't ready WHEN they said it would be ('deck was off, beside the mower, etc); second big clue was the fact it had a mulch kit on it and hadn't even discussed how it would be equipped with you; third was the fact the blades were in horrible condition(?!?) - what kind of a stupid-a$$ dealer sends a demo out like this, thinking it will impress the customer????

    The Z-Trak units are awesome but it's like I and many others have said on here before - a dealer will make or break your opinion of a product, regardless how good the product is.

    My advice would be to try and find a different JD dealer OR talk to this dealer and get it clear about how you expect a demo to be. Nothing wrong with one that's got some hours - but what he brought to you (or you picked up) was NOwhere near demo ready!

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