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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fga, Jun 23, 2004.

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    bad week i'm having...... monday, my 1 worker doesn't show up. calls me 10:00, saying something about a fiesta??? and he overslept. tuesday, we get poured on and call it a half day. today he's late, so i run to my local "helpful" dealer to pick up some spacers for my wb. after being ignored, i wound up being in there almost 1 1/2 to get a few spacers, which they didn't have. finally get mowing, using the wb i purchased this weekend, making awesome time. i start the trimming and wound up hitting a baby bird with the husky titanium trimmer line. so now i'm in a real bad mood, driving back to my house a fw blocks away with an injured bird in a cake box on my seat bleeding slightly by its leg. I told my guy (who showed up toad 1/2 hour late) that where're going to work at my house today for the rest of the day. i've got him trimming while i sit here and "cool" down. just venting....... whatever. can't wait for this week to be over, along with all the shrub trimming!
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    Gotta hate em...last week I pull up to just my 2nd lawn of the early day, drop the gate and the battery on my big mower the same one I just used and loaded is completely jumper cables with me (then not now though)....this battery is only 2 months old but is too small amp wise. I go buy a new battery and install. 3rd yard..half way through trimming and the head on my FS-66 flies off....find every part but ONE...they don't make the 66 anymore.... No problem though I have 2 Echo 2400's also on the trailer....4th house half way down the drive belt breaks on my walk behind edger.....6th house have to respool both 2400's cause I can't find any of my extra spools that are suppose to be in the truck.........8PM and many cuts later I finally get home for the evening......
  3. fga

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    just gotta hope these days (or weeks) are few and far between. makes you appreciate the days when you get all you work done, with no breaks, injuries, or animal death!

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