Bad year to be a LCO, farmer, etc

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. tacoma200

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    Well there were dozens of guys that went out and bought new ZTR's here this year hoping to make some easy money. I'm glad I'm in this thing for the long haul because it's looking like the newbies and some of the regulars are panicking over the drought. I've heard several talk about selling mowers.

    And the farms here in the Eastern part of the South are not going to make it without some serious rainfall. I'm guessing tobacco, cotton, corn, etc will go up after the bad freeze and then the drought. They are already feeding cattle this years hay here.

    I just drove around and looked at my accounts today. Weeds are loving it but the grass is not growing but still holding on to a little green/yellow color.
  2. DAV Mowers

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    This is exactly why I didn't buy a new mower this year. If you remember back in the first of April I posted we were having a El Nino year and it would be a long dry summer. As soon as I found that out I made up my mind to wait until next year for a new mower or this fall when some of the people that bought the new ones might sell them.
  3. CustomKare

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    Long Haulers could capitalize on the drought this year. The pickup truck Craftsman mower type of LCO's may dry up just like the lawns!!!

    Best of luck to the long haulers!!!!!
  4. ThorVentures

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    one of my helpers quit in January. I heard he was mowing around the neghborhood with his old JD rider. Talked to my dealer the other day, he financed a ZTR about a six weeks ago. Every time i drive by his house the truck & trailer are parked in the driveway, ZTR in the garage. Wonder how they repo those things?
  5. hdhillin

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    Good Luck to you all in the drought. Florida was looking pretty bleak before the "summer rains" started. Hopefully you will get some needed rainfall and business will pick up for the long haulers.
  6. Sydenstricker Landscaping

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    This is my first year in this, and I have been doing landscaping for other lco's for about 7 years now. This is by far one of the worst drought seasons I have seen, granted I am no veteran. But I am not worried, I see less and less of the lowball guys out there. So when it does decide to rain and the grass finally greens up and grows again, there will, hopefully, be more work available again. It hasnt bothered me too much yet, since 75% of my acccounts have irrigation systems in place and running. So they stay green and growing. A few of my non-irrigated ones have been put on bi-weekly for now, because weekly would be pointless and start to make them a little irritated paying to have no grass cut. Bring on the rain!!!
  7. lawncare18

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    One of the big farmers in my area has those huge hose rolls and he waters non stop all the time.. its getting bad here by the day.. just keep watering i guess... bye the way those hose rolls on trailer.. they toss some major water around its nuts.. anyone seen them???
  8. richard1103

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    if the newbees fold there will be more in line to take there place . best to hold on to some money to see your way through the dry spell every time a factory closes here you see late model trucks with 20,000 equipment . they think they are going to get rich . in a city of 8500 people there is 100 crews or more i keep work .my first year in 1987 i had lawn go 6 weeks then rain started in july i mowed grass till the end of novemer
  9. MOturkey

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    Sounds like last year around here. This year is just the opposite. Rainfall is way up, and all mowing is weekly, if you don't get rained out!
  10. chuck bow

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    So dry up here bigger LCO are laying people off right and left and its a struggle for me too as i depend on that money to pay the bills but its not happening , havent worked a full day in over 2 weeks

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