BadBoy vs ZD 326 Kubota

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ipwanab, May 5, 2008.

  1. ipwanab

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    Can anyone tell me of their experience with these two?I just sold my Scag TT 61 w 27 Kaw LC. This is all I am used to using. I like the Kubota a lot but saw a BB 28 Perkins and it really looked and drove nice. Does the suspension really work in the field or is it a gimmick? They weigh 1500 lbs, the Kubota is pushing over 1700. I did not dislike the Scag but the equivalent is very expensive.By the way this is for my residential 5 acres that is mondo rough and hilly.
  2. TandM

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    Bad boy is a fine affordalble mower I have never driven one though they don't sell them down here. I have driven a 72 inch kubota with the diesel and that thing can mow some grass I like scags though. It all comes down to dealer support you know. This is the main reason I went with scag My dealer is awesome. If Something broke on it today which is very unlikely as it is tough as nails. I would have it back as soon as they have it fixed. I would then pick it up and return the loaner they would let me use. Yea but it does not look like anything will brakke on this mower. Dealer is important.
  3. tb8100

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    Bad Boys are tough as nails and maintenance is simple. The suspension is great and inexpensive. It's merely rubber and I've not seen an instance where it wore it. It's a great innovation. If you're curious how well it works, A/B it with a Pup without suspension. The difference is phenomenal.

    Also look at the 35hp CAT model. It's about $1000 more than the 28hp and is easily the most powerful found in any mid mount mower with 70lb-ft of torque.
  4. supermoon

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    The easy ride suspension really smooths out the ride on mine. I demoed several others, but nothing compared to the easy ride suspension with the michigan suspension seat. :usflag:

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