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  1. bmxerss

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    Hopefully by next season ill have enough cash to buy some new equiptment. one of the things i need, is a new mower (my scag has a bunch oh hours im guessing.) I've seen some commercials for Badboy, and they look pretty good. Has anyone used/owned one? are they good or are you just buying the flashy name?
  2. Greg78

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  3. brucec

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    Ohh boy...
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  4. flyingdutch16

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    Owed a bad boy zt 26hp with the Briggs. The things are built like tanks. Just didn't do well on hills for me. Quality of cut could be better. Striped really nicely. In the end I did have to replace the spindle bearings. Now this was a low end comercial unit, high end homeowners. I'm assuming the commercial units are eve better. I liked the machine, the only problem I had was that the closest dealer was 40mi away for me. Demo the units before you buy one is what I would suggest.
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  5. LandFakers

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    Well Badboy is probably the cheapest mower (money wise) on the market. Ive never seen one, but you get what you pay for. Look into scag if you have a close enough dealer, they are cheaper than exmark(usually) and have stood the test of time.
  6. Herb Flerb

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    I bought one bout 6 yrs ago, it was a lower end model and it did the job, so i figured i try one of their top models with a vanguard engine, 60 inch deck, its a very good mower. Im thinking of buying another one this spring, we usually run deeres.
  7. aka lawn

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    I bought one last June after starting up. It was the best thing I done. I bought the middle one not the outlaw. The czt sixty inch with the twenty three horse vanguard. It has been great. Can not complain. Would not think twice about adding another one. I also have an awesome dealer standing behind me. I have bought several things off them from tractor to fourwheeler to weedeaters. They are my stihl dealer to. I think that makes a big difference on the equipment. No matter what brand it is. Just the piece of mind that they are there to relay on and the support.
  8. mbigred

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    i got one this may and if i get more yards this year than i will need a 2nd badboy:cool2:
  9. kb9nvh

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    Mine has been a good mower. Wish I had the outlaw but it wasn't around when I bought. Cuts good at 60" but not as good as my 48" scag did with velocity deck. apples to oranges here though. Wish it sat lower (outlaw does). It has gone a lot longer now NOT exploding in flames like my Scag did. Big plus!! Every issue on the BB has been minor and parts quickly sent by the manf and for free.
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    Bad Boy:hammerhead:

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