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  1. lawnsnake

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    I have an 03 model BadBoy. I have no complaints. Speed, power, accessibility, comfort, handling, and cutting performance are all top of the line. I have a friend who lives in Arkansas who recently tested one of BadBoys' 04 models. It includes a 31hp with new advanced 72" deck system. BadBoy has new suspension seat which adds to comforrt. He also told me that the 04 model center of gravity has been lowered. He also said that they have also did something different in their linkage set-up, which has given it alot smoother drive as well as handling. They are coming out with a new light commercial and a diesel model with a CAT engine.
  2. bayoulawn

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    Hey Lawnsnake,
    I too have an 03 BadBoy 52". Its BuBububub Bad Bad to the Bone. No problems whatsoever with mine. Except having to stop mowing so people driving by can stop me so they can check it out and ask where they can get one.


    Have you seen their website lately?
  3. Mr Lucky

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    I demoed one at a lawnmower race. That was the worst handling mower I have ever been on. It was like driving a large square box with a seat in the middle of it. It seemed very very heavy and cumbersome. They could always be used to crash test cars, you could run a carful of crash test dummies into it and see it anyone would survive a collision with one. I do not think so.....

    The salesman seemed to like it alot, but he didn't look like he had ever cut any grass in his life. :waving:
  4. bayoulawn

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    As I said, NO complaints here.
  5. wriken

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    I was down in georgia a couple of weeks ago and finally saw one live, on a trailer. 1st time I saw one, don't have them up here.

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