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    I have a baffle (right side of mower at what would be the discharge area) that got loose on my 48 metro hp with mulch kit. I didn't remeber seeing the correct position, so I tried both a "closed" position facing the outside and an "open" position with it turned to allow the flow of the grass to circulate.

    It seemed to leave clippings along the side when "closed", and seemed to work best "open", but it gets clogged fast and then leaves a slight trail of clippings also.

    Which is the right way; should this baffle be removed all together when using the mulch kit?

    The problem may just be the wet conditions we've had to deal with, and the grass getting stuck in the deck even with frequent cleaning.

    tanks -- mike
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    Thanks for the post. I'm not 100% sure which baffle your talking about. I believe your talking about the "dog leg" baffle near the discharge opening. I've attached a photo of this baffle. Let me know if we're talking about two different things.

    This baffle should be removed when you install the mulch kit then reinstalled when you convert back to side discharge or bagging.



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    That looks like the part (mine's a little dirtier). My parts manual has it listed as "baffle, discharge". The second bolt was missing (the hole for it was blocked by the mulch plate) and that must be why I found the baffle loose and piveting by the single bolt mounted under the deck. My dealer installed the kit for me and I have no installation instructions. He must have forgotten to remove the part. Is there anything else he should have removed besides the original blades?

    Thanks for your response, this all makes a lot of sense now, since I couldn't turn the baffle in a way which didn't ultimately lead to grass clippings being pushed out the side.

    While I'm discussing this, another topic;

    My transmission belt was slipping, so I attempted to tighten it as instructed. I had to take apart half my mower to get at it, I rounded the corners on the nut, and I had a heck of a time getting it off. Why isn't the nut the other way around, on top of the deck instead of under?

    Anyways, yehaw, my Exmark once again cuts in 5th with me on the sulky and I'm happy as heck.

    Now all I have to do is pull that baffle off. Thanks for helping me achieve my best cut.

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    There should be just the one baffle under the deck that needs to be removed so you should be in good shape.

    The transmission belt adjustment bolt is designed in that manner for a couple of reasons.

    First, we've used many various engines over the years and will probably use new engines and variations of the current engines in the future. Some of the early engine designs made putting anything on the top of the engine deck impractical. This meant using a carriage bolt due to it's low profile.

    We still use this design today because the carriage bolt eliminates the need for a second wrench. With the current design the carriage bolt stays in the slot and the "square" section of the shank keeps the bolt from turning as you tighten or loosen the nut. If the carriage bolt were flipped upside down and ran from the bottom up you would need to be careful not to loosen the nut too far. If you loosen the nut too far the "square" shank would drop too low to keep the bolt from spinning and you could cause wear or damage to the adjustment slot.

    All good reasons but it may be something we need to re-evaluate and determine if there is a better way of adjusting this belt.



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