Baffles cause clumping??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LwnmwrMan22, May 13, 2004.

  1. LwnmwrMan22

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    I realize that I'm treading on previous threads. I'm don't really care who has what mower and how great it is (or isn't) in wet / spring growth.

    What I'm curious about is who can tell me why commercial mowers have to put in baffles under the deck?

    I know some of it is so you can raise the grass up and get a cleaner cut / better stripe.

    My problem is this, I run 60" Ferris decks. The baffles are set up so they're almost completely surrounding the blade. There's about a 7" gap for the grass to slip through to the next blade. I don't understand why it isn't about a 12"+ gap, just throw the grass to the next property if you can.

    I can slow the engine down if I'm in a situation and I don't want to throw the grass that far. Or I can get an OCDC.

    I'm just frustrated with Ferris, I've contacted the rep before, he basically said don't mow when the grass is wet. That was about a month before they redesigned the deck last year.

    They then said they'd send me a new deck, minus the spindles, blades, etc., but I'd have to pay for the freight, labor of switching. I've got a great dealer and the dealer ate the cost of the freight and labor, and the "gaps" were opened up 2-3", but nothing like they should have been.

    I'm looking for a new mower, just wondering if anyone can tell me if I'm right about the baffle situation under the Ferris deck causing my problems.

    I hate to get rid of the independent suspension though, might have to buy a deck and put it under my mower somehow.
  2. Meg-Mo

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    Allot of mowers have baffles and allot of problems now. With the MEG MO blades we don't want any baffles as we cut grass up with out baffles and blow grass out from mower. There is some problems now with the MEG MO blades not cutting smooth in 7 or 8 inch grass as all mower do. This will change in next couple weeks as grass harden out.
  3. DLCS

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    WTF, In a perfect world that would be possible but as a commercial cutter you don't always have that choice. Seems that I've been cutting more wet grass than dry here lately.
  4. Ryan Lightning

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    Why not cut out the baffles?
  5. Tonyr

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    Yes, and also more ''choked'' decks, i.e where the directional flow baffle guides the clippings into the next blade discharge smaller clippings which is great for finish mowing.

    Decks that are very open like a Toro SFS deck are designed to cut and discharge, great for heavy work. not saying they aren't good for finish work btw.

    Apparently choked decks have more vacume, as per deep decks for even cutting.

    But a heavily choked deck can have problems in wet and or heavy cutting, but shine in the dry, where a more open system is better.

    The more a deck is choked the smaller the clippings will be, in ideal conditions of course. IMO.

    Toro recently receased a new deck called ''Turbo Force'', it has a adjustable flow control baffle which has 2 lock screws on the deck to adjust by, by hand, this allows the best of both worlds in a matter of 5 seconds, either choke the deck, set half way, or open for heavy or wet conditions.

    I am having a great run with it, enables me to vertually mow in all seasons giving a clean cut.

    If you could could put this new toro deck under your ferris, you would have one awesome machine!
  6. bart may

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    This question is related to my previous thread also. I'm having trouble with clumping because of the baffles. As Tonyr said Toros SFS decks are all open and no baffles. I love them for rainy days and deep grass. No clumps at all. The problem is in the dry they just don't chop up the clippings leaving them to turn brown and visible the next week. I believe from reports on this site that Toro is definatly on to something with this new deck design. I'm dying to try one.
  7. Tonyr

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    let me know if you want to see pics, new deck is impressive, I posted pics here of a couple before and afters with long thick grass, let me know and I'll find the thread if you want.
  8. LwnmwrMan22

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    Yeah, I've got (2) Ferris IS-4000, mostly because my dealer couldn't sell one after a year and a half and I got the thing for $8500. I really couldn't pass that deal up. However, I'm VERY close to trading one in on the new Turbo Force deck, just to have it in the trailer for wet grass, then run my suspensioned Ferris when it's dry out.

    I had a 60" Toro that I traded in on my second Ferris, $4000 and my Toro to boot, that I used when it was wet out, guess I shoulda kept it.

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