Baffles or no?

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  1. I just got a used Toro zmaster 5000 with 48" turbo force deck. It is a super mower and is supposed to have the adjustable baffle but it doesn't have any of the baffles underneath. It still cuts good but really stirs up dust and crap. (blades are a very high lift.) Would I seriously benefit from getting the baffles back up under the deck or would it not make a huge difference. Maybe just change to a lower lift blade? Looks like it would cost $300ish bucks to get everything I need.
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    It's a steel strip that goes from approx. front center of deck to the discharge side. If it not there, your in full discharge mode, which is best. Those deck are made to cut and cut fast. They do.
    The "Adjustable Baffle " is more for a bagger application.
    It mades nominal difference on the amout of dust.
    Reason being, you're reducing the output opening. Do that and volume goes down, yes, but discharge velocity goes up.
    The claims are for the showroom, and have little to do with real life.
    It's usually best to keep mower speed at max and control mowing with ground speed. Usually, but not always.
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    yea un-baffled is best unless you need to 'seal' around the such with a full mulch kit or bagger attachment
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    I took mine off of a 36" vride and didn't notice any difference.

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