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  1. iluvscag

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    I bought a 2004 turftiger this year 29 hrs dfi kawasaki and dont get me wrong the mower has tons of power. But im no happy about the discharge. With the chute up its only blowin 1 row across if I open the baffle up could it shoot out more?

    BOTURF LawnSite Senior Member
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    welcome to the club of unhappy owners of the scag ( dis)advantage mowers decks old style decks were much better , you might reseach the threads on here and find alot of guys are using the bobcat offset high lift blades if you have a 52 inch deck and this seems help with clumping and discharge.... bobcats wont work on a 48 deck as i think they( scags )are 1/4 shorter per blade than bobcats
  3. all ferris

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    Time to change your name.
  4. B&B Lndscpng & Lwn Srvc

    B&B Lndscpng & Lwn Srvc LawnSite Member
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    I love my scags. I have bagger systems on mine so i pick up all my grass. When i have had the baggers off i have had good luck with throwing the grass. I did adjust my baffles to the way i liked them though.
  5. captaingreen

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    I would set your "custom cut baffle" to the middle position and use high lift blades. I use the Bobcat offset high lifts as Boturf said, I have ordered them from J-thomas for my 52". If they don't have them for your width deck, just try any brand of high lift blades.
  6. Meg-Mo

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    put the MEG MO system on and for get the baffles.
  7. captaingreen

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    No disrespect Meg-MO but his problem is with discharge, not mulching.
  8. Richard Martin

    Richard Martin LawnSite Fanatic
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    Meg-Mos fix every grass problem everywhere.

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