Baffling Toro Z-Turn Belt

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 6'7 330, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. 6'7 330

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    We bought two new Toro 500 series mowers a week ago.The belt that runs from the power take off in the rear, up to the mower deck broke on one. The dealer got me one in Saturday; I was out at the shop this morning trying to fit it back on.

    Here is the problem; the part number on the belt matches up with the part list Manuel 105-8783.But the damn belt is a good 6 inches to long! It’s Sunday and my dealer is closed, I hope the hell he can clear this discrepancy up monday lol.
  2. Scotts' Yard Care

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    I'm not familiar with your machine so I'll just shoot in the dark :D Is there any chance you are dealing with a "torture" drive that can be routed more than one way? I ran into this on a Massey Ferguson heavy lawn tractor many years ago and it drove me nuts until I finally figured out how it made it's way around all those pulleys.
  3. Shuter

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    Make sure the belt goes around the tensioner pulley.
  4. Tonyr

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    G'Day Bill,

    mate I'm a bit confused....what actually broke?

    The one big long drive belt that goes from the clutch to the deck?

    If so, make sure the dealer has all of the belt guides on...(many can't be bothered fitting them) under the mower, also on the deck pullies there is a 'kit', an extra guide that fits over the 1st pulley. My toro used to throw belts and break em before these guides were all fitted....too much flex in such a long belt.

    Sorry if I have misunderstood your problem, got 'mondayitis; lol.
  5. Jason Rose

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    Sounds like the serpentine belt on my mower deck. Once it's off of there it's hard as he!! to figure out how the new one goes back on. Iv'e spent 15 minutes of frustration threading and re-threading the belt thru 3 pulleys in what looks to be the "logical" way, and it's way too long. Talk about irritating! Finally, once I figured out the "illogical" way that it bends around all the pulleys and the idler it all makes sense then, and actually fits! You know an ENGINEER designed stuff like this, because the common sence approach didn't work...
  6. 6'7 330

    6'7 330 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    That’s the one, I have the new belt all properly routed around all the pulleys and guides, and the new belt is about 6 inches to long lol.

    I checked the part number on the new belt,and it matched up with the parts list.
  7. Tonyr

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    have you got any *easy* questions?? :waving: :help:
  8. ed2hess

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    NAPA measured the length of broken belt for me last week and got me back in business on Scag unit.
  9. Varsity L&G

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    Is this it?

  10. 6'7 330

    6'7 330 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    YES,that is the one.

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