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  1. mp067

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    well every year i run into the same dilemma. should I bag, mulch, or discharge my clippings? I hardly ever see anyone here in the Northeast bag, however I feel discharging the clippings looks like crap. Does anyone mulch with a 60 inch rider? Or mulch with a 36 inch w/b?. Those are the two pieces of equipment that I use on my residential customers. Thanks for the imput.
  2. touhey33

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    Ill never bag, your taking nutrients out of the ground. If the grass is tall and thick just double cut. I side discharge, mulch in the summer.
  3. Raven386

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    I always side discharge. we only bag if its absolutely necessary. if its wet out we just double cut.
  4. grassgirl4

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    If you double-cut, do you charge more/tack on more to the bill than if you single-cut? This has been one of my dilemmas since I started in 2005. We all know that spring growth is out-of-control but that summers level off, so how do you account for the extra time required in the spring to keep the lawn from looking like doo-doo??

    Would an average price be the answer? (figuring a double-cut price for a certain number of weeks in the spring and averaging it with the normal single-cut price during the rest of the season to come up with a consistent weekly set price?)
  5. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I mulch everything unless too tall then I double cut discharge.
  6. JayD

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    Good questions.......someone please answer.
  7. F Y P M

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    I really must be missing the boat on this. We bag at least 3 out of the 4 weeks we cut regardless of the length. I found that it really does not take as long as double cutting, and it takes less gas. Most of my clients have 5 to 6 fertilizing applications and the lawn is by no means starving for nutrition. IMO not bagging is like going out to dinner and having to pay extra for utensils.

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