Bag / Mulch???

Mike Felices

I want to know whether or not you bag or mulch the grass. I am looking at getting either a Lazer or a Walker for next year, so I can make the decission. If I bag I am going to get the Walker, otherwise I am getting the Lazer. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Southern, Maine
We have 2 Walkers both with the GHS system for collecting. We collect at 80% of our accounts high end residential and commercial. Bagging up here gives alot nicer look but in July and most of August we use 52" Side discharge decks do to slow groth. All our schools we do also get discharged only. The Walker is alot more compact then alot of the others that will help you get in tighter places plus there bagging system is made on machine versus others that are bolted on outside of the mower which takes away from tighter areas plus they are great for fall cleanups. Our Walker decks can be changed in less then 3 minutes.


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I mulch all my properties never a problem with looks, the only time I bag is when I scalp to do overseeding, the clipping add an organic nitrogen to the soil, which help with the greening process, also ads insultation to protect the roots system from the scorching sun and hard winters


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I started out bagging and mulching lawns. What I found out was that some lawns mulch better than others. And when bagging you have to have some where to dump the clippings. Now I don't bag grass. Most lawns will look ok if their cut on a weekly basis. The only bagging that I do is leaves, and I require a place to dump them. I refuse to bring clippings or leaves home.