bag problems of toro 36" proline

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by csl, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. csl

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    i just purchased another 36" proline yesterday, and it came with the metal (steel) grasshopper bag. the problem is that as soon as the bag gets about 2 inches of grass in it, it stops collecting. it has the floating deck, so i tried adjusting the angle on the deck, up then down, and also tried adjusting wheel height, and nothing helps. the bag isnt blocked at all, all the holes are free, and it doesnt have many dings in it. it seems the bag is too short and tall for that mower. anyone have any suggestions before i go drop $400 on a new aluminum one? thanks
  2. Ben's Landscape

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    I have the toro proline 36 fixed deck with the grass gobbler and it does not have a problem. Mayb try and sharpen the blades? The problem i have is with leaves mine does nto like them if the pile is on the trim side it wont suck them up to well but if it is on the bag side then its like a vacume and will suck up every leaf. I dont know why just does. Good luck
  3. csl

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    i was wondering if it was a blade issue too. it seems like when i engage the blades the motor will shake a bit until the blade speed is at max. i thought maybe dull blades would not create enough suction. anything else?
  4. Roger

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    Dull, or sharp blades is probably not your issue, rather the lift characteristics of the blades.

    If you are bagging, you probably want to be using high-lift blades. Another blade (e.g. low-lift, mulching) will probably not produce enough discharge flow to fill your bag. What you have described is exactly that problem -- not enough discharge force to flow the debris back into the bagger.
  5. csl

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    thanks for the help, and i am going to pick up a new set of high lifts tomorrow. are there any brands i should stay away from?
  6. dhardin53

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    You need more air holes/out ward ventilation. Once the grass get in front of the holes it blocks off the ability of the bag to exhaust. Or the grass you do collect is getting in the way of incoming grass. SO get a high lift or gator blade and more holes to vent the unit.
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  7. jaybow

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    Make sure you have high-lift blades on it. Gators or mulching blades are not for suction they are for keeping grass under the deck to be mulched.

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