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    D A youve one your home work. Ive looked into chicken litter. Up your way is turkey farms an egg factories. One is by Thompson Iowa. Think about a silage feed truck . youve got a way to mix and haul and dispense into your ecolawn.. Also find a feed mill that has some corn that has gone bad. compost or bokashi it . 9% nitrogen, has a natural fungicide and has some natural herbicide. Is there any mushroom farms by red wing min. Mushroom compost is good ,the thing against is it is high in salt content.
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    Thanks gj, lots of options...

    Also, an edit to my thread started months ago.
    I bought a load of bagged compost to start out with, doing a few lawns with my EcoLawn.
    While quality product, the compost was TOO WET in the bag. Would not flow through my EcoLawn worth a darn.
    I then went to a bulk compost that my landscape supply guy had, much drier and flowable product, spreads like a dream. Will never get bagged again.

    You told me so.....
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    I love happy endings :) Hooray!

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