bagged mulch or by the yard?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by EgansCountryGardens, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. EgansCountryGardens

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    I've been in business for quite a while, have many large commercial accounts, and I am now asking how many of you guys install mulch bagged? I've always bought it bulk by 100 yd. loads delivered to my shop. However, a good friend of mine who is in the landscape sales business, just moved down to No. Carolina, and called me to tell me that this huge co. that he works for, installs bagged mulch. - even on large installs. It's all bagged.

    Now, I put the numbers together in my head. Currently, we are paying approx. 26.00 per yard for bulk. If I bought it by the bag, I may pay around 3.00 per bag for a 3 cu. ft. bag - multiply that by 9 to give me 27 cu. ft. or 1 yard. So my cost for 1 yard in bags is 27.00. Only $1 more than buying bulk.

    But now, if I install by the bag, I have the convenience of putting a full pallet in the back of my pickup trucks, a better quality product, consistency in quantity, and the ability to bring whatever we don't use back to the shop, and restock it. Plus it's much neater stacked in pallets.

    Any thoughts? Any one else do this???
  2. BeautifulBlooms

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    I would apply using bagged mulch if it was the onyl way i could get it. I am guessing your bagged mulch you are getting is not the same as the bulk mulch because it should always cost more to buy bagged mulch as it has received an extra process (bagging).

    All that being said bagged mulch can be hauled and spread much easier, because instead of needing 15 scoop shovels full to fill a 10 cu. ft. wheelbarrow you can just throw 8 bags into the barrel and spread more easily.

    P.S. I have never seen a 3 cu. ft. bag only 2 cu. ft.
  3. EgansCountryGardens

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    Oh no, we definately have 3 cu. ft. bags here. I own a garden center, and we bring it in every year for the homeowners. We sell 3 cu. ft. bags, and 2 cu. ft bags.

    For some reason, those are our prices here. I'm in MA. But, our bagged products come down from Maine. However, any bulk products are only from MA suppliers.
  4. EgansCountryGardens

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  5. Marek

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    Your mulch prices are alot higher than what we pay here. Brickman used to use mostly bagged product here until they started using dyed mulch on alot of jobs.

    STRINGALATION LawnSite Senior Member
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    for me some mulches cannot be bought in bulk ergo that pretty brown, scotts has in the naturescapes line. also i found that on jobs with lots of islands like apartments it is much easier to drive around and drop off bags than a that shoveling. some jobs one is better than the other
  7. Dreams To Designs

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    Locally we are able to buy bagged cedar cheaper than in bulk. It also has the advantages you mentioned. It is compressed, so you are able to fit more in the same space, you are able to use only the amount needed and save the rest, conveniently, for another job, you get all you pay for, but you have to deal with plastic bag trash, that hopefully can be recycled. If you do get bags that are wet or have been soaked, the mulch inside tends to stay very wet and is difficult to spread. A little time in the sun or even dumped into a wheelbarrow will usually alleviate this minor inconvenience.

  8. HBLandscaping

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    Marek - Where in MD do you get your mulch. Im paying $18 (Standard), 21 (Premium) & 23 (Premium Plus) for bulk mulch and 3.00 - 3.50 a bag for standard here in Montgomery Co. I'd like to find it cheaper if I could.
  9. MasterSparky

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    I'd rather carry bags up a big hill then have to push a wheel barrel up a steep incline. Either way you still have to spread it out. I think it's worth the extra $1.
  10. Surferbum21

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    Use the bags bro! I have tried both ways. It is cheaper to buy it in yards but it sucks shoveling it in a wheelbarrow and moving it. It's not much more for the bags that you can carry everywhere. Besides the customer is paying for it anyway. Don't break your back to save a buck.

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