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scott in the soo

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soo, ontario
with prices going up at the local landfill(grass clippings) i am thinking of mulching the majority of my properties. can i get some opinions on this issue......

also, any pros and cons that i might know about on bagging and mulching.. thanx dudes.


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I have a mulcher and really am not impressed with it. If the grass has any kind of moisture, it clumps bad! I am buying a bagger for my machine this year. I'm lucky enough to know some Amish people that want the clippings so getting rid of them is no problem for me.

Green Care

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We only bag the properties with debris on the lawn otherwise we mulch we run 2 60in mowers one with bagger and without.


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Wilmington, DE
I used the mulch kit on my Exmarks last year. I don't plan on using it this year. Like the previous post stated any kind of moisture or tall grass it clumps bad.


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My customers like their lawns bagged, neat appearance. They pay extra for this with no problem. As far as getting rid of the clippings, I bring them back home to make compost.


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there was a great article in Grounds about leaving clippings or bagging them. Had the stats and everything about the practice. One of things that really surprised me was that by returning clippings to lawns in the Midwest (cool season grasses) can increase thatch compared to that of southern and western states. Which, I always thought that it didn't contribute to thatch build up

Great article though. Everyone should read it.


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Southwest, Ohio
We run Gator blades on our mowers. Right now we are cutting 4-6 inches every 6 days on lawns that have had nitrogen this spring. No mulching kits, just discharge then double cut with the deck raised. Looks great and no thatch problems...Chuck


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York, PA
I mow the lawn at the finished height and then raise the deck
1/2 in and go back over it. This will eliminate clippings and you will
never know that the grass has not been collected. I have been doing this for 3 years and have had great results. The trick is to
let the clippings dry a bit before you go back over them (i.e.
do your trimming first). Yes I do price the jobs to cover this, but once you get the hang of it the second pass takes a short period
of time. The only clippings I collect any more, come out of the hand
Good luck!

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