Bagger for 48" or 54" JD walk-behind

Bill K

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I need to get a bagger for my JD HD45 48" wb, but I'm skeptical that clippings will make it all the way across the deck into Deere's side-mount bagger that has no blower to assist. Do you have any experience with these units? Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.


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Bill, I bought one for my HD75 and I don't think it works that well. When it is half full it makes the mower deck tip that way and makes the cut uneven. I believe that it would take some kind of weight on the other side to balance it out.<p>Thanks, <br> John Turpin


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Central CT
The deck wont tip if you adjust the small bogey wheel correctly.<p>You will find that the JD bag will rarely fill more than 1/3 before it plugs the discharge area. If I had to do it over again, for the same money I would buy an aftermarket catcher that fills from the front.<p>Bill


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I have an older JD 48&quot; WB,got it in 87 I think?Got the bagger with it and it works fair..after it fills about half way it starts leaving a &quot;trail&quot;of grass.Works better for fall cleans or if you cut the grass without it first and then go over it again with it,not much of a time saver that way.<p>----------<br>John <br>