Bagger for ZTR


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I'm already fearing those days when the leaves will be falling again. Last year I made the mistake of buying a Trak Vac for my Dixie Chopper. The thing just doesn't do a good enough job and clogs when the leaves are wet. I have a side bagger for my Walk behind and it does a near perfect job. One thing I would like though is a much bigger bagger than what I have on my WB. But then I am afraid the weight, especially when it gets full will tilt the float deck on my mower and my lawns will look like crap. Any help would be great. Thanks


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How about putting the Trac Vac on your walk behind,two blades on each spindle of your chopper and cut on.


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Not sure where I've seen them, but I know a lot of the catcher manufacturers make extensions for their catchers to collect leaves. Some I've heard of are some kind of cloth mesh (light) and some are metal (heavy). Check with your suppliers.

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