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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by TaketheMoneyandRun, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. TaketheMoneyandRun

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    I know it may seem a stupid question but can someone please tell me the pros/cons of bagging/mulching lawn mower. Also when bagging typically does a landscaper throw the clippings in his truck or what.
  2. hondarancher4435

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    Mulching is very good for the soil but it takes alot to mulch it up small enough where it looks good. Bagging leaves a very clean look in the end and it will be up to the customer whether they want leaves dumped on property or hauled away and you will have to price accordingly.

    Hope this helps
  3. SangerLawn

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    I agree with Honda. Depending on the amount of leaves it is best to bag them. Most of the time you can charge outrageous prices for bagging leaves. It takes a lot more time to bag and the equipment is much bulkier so it takes more room on your trailer. You can only do a few lawns until you have to dump your truck because the truck and trailer are over filled.

    Mulching on the other hand is cheaper and all that is need are mulching blades. Most of the time you only have to run over the lawn twice unless the leaves are wet or the lawn is extremely covered with leaves.

    We have never offered any bagging simply because it is so time consuming if you have a lot of customers. All we do is mulch. You will be ok though if you only have a hand full of customers request bagging.
  4. LouisianaLawnboy

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    Here where I am my mower mulches fine on the first pass and you really can't see the cut grass. Of course I cut that lovely St. Augustine. I personally don't offer bagging. 1. Too much equipment 2. Equipment is too big 3. Time consuming 4. Clippings consume too much space 5. You gotta dump it somewhere.
  5. Kennedy Landscaping

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    I bag all of my accounts unless specifically asked not to. I prefer it as it leaves a much smoother and more of a "manicured" look. I've got a mulch kit for my Gravely as well as the option to discharge. But as much as I can I always bag it. I've got a box on the front of my trailer that I put the clippings in. At the end of my day after the box has been filled I have a spot behind my shop back in a tree row where I can dump all my grass and leaves, I get it all out of the trailer with a pitchfork. Every now and again I go back there with a Bob-Cat and turn the pile and push it back as grass can take up alot of space if you get enough of it. Hope this somewhat helped you out haha. Just send me a PM if you have any questions.

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    for grass i discharge. for leaves i chop with the mower and put in the truck

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